Dear Mamas


Dear Mamas,

We are two stay-home first time mamas with two adorable monsters. We love them more then words can express but sometimes…(Ok most of the times) we are challenged by all the changes they go through on a daily base.

This blog is meant for us to share those moments. The Happy ones, the DESPERATE ones and everything in between.
So here we are experiencing Motherhood!!!How do we deal with it all?

Tamara: Between the lack of sleep, missed showers, pilled dishes in the sink, loads of laundry and the list goes on and on…. We VENT!!!!

Angela: I love having a close friend (Now more and growing…) that I can talk to (or I should say unload a truck of swear words to) and that understand what I’m going through.

It might not seem much but when you’re at your very last breath before you breathe fire that’s when YOU my dear fellow MAMA come to mind.

T: It is awesome to have a to-go-to person. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, lost and DESPERATE. You are just exhausted and in the middle of learning the most difficult job. To have someone confirm that you’re not loosing it is really important.

A: Healthy I would say!!!

 So dear moms out there for your sanity and good health find someone or a group of moms like you, that you can talk to, vent to, unload your worries to and tell them all about that nasty poop that went all the way to your little bundle’s ears (At 3am of course) and wondering how on earth to keep it from spreading all over the place.

A: Ask for their help. It’s OK to do that. After all it takes a village to raise a child… Seriously sometimes it takes two villages!!!

T: Make it 3! And because we understand that, we decided to share all of it. This in a way is going to be our therapy session.

This is where we are going to share the nasty, desperate yet fabulous truth of Motherhood.

How about you dear MAMAS? What’s your desperate moment and why is that?

We would like to hear your stories as well, so leave a message.



Desperate Mamas

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