She loves me, She loves me not…

Dear Mamas,

Sometimes I feel like nothing I do is good enough…(Ring a bell?)

I’m constantly trying to be the best mama I can possibly be. I wonder if this feeling will ever change or go away completely. Or maybe that’s exactly what motherhood is all about…

Being the best person you can possibly be and accept that sometimes you’re going to fail.

I wish I could be the Invincible Mama… Never tired and always manage to get everything done while caring for the little perfect being I got stuck with! Lol


Sometimes when she cries and I try everything listed in all the books (change diaper, feed, burp, play, rock, sing, shush… well you get the picture) and nothing seems to work I get frustrated, but when daddy or grandma comes to the rescue and she stops crying and even falls asleep within minutes then I get PISSED.

You tell me why that is?!?

And worse even I start doubting myself and wondering… Is it me? Is it my face? My personality? Does she love me? What did I do wrong? What did they do right?

Why? Why? Why?

And I keep thinking and thinking.

And then I start crying and crying and then just like magic… Wait a moment… I remember that in the morning she hugged ME and no one else or smiled at ME or laughed when I made a funny face…

And BOOM I’m back to normal. Like nothing ever happened

So the “She loves me or loves me not” mental trip is over… For now


How about you MAMAS? Do you ever feel that way? What triggers the mental temporarily insanity?



Desperate Mama

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