Take care of Yourself Mama

Take Care of Yourself Mama

Dear Mamas,

Do you remember the last time you actually pampered yourself?

If your answer is no than we have a lot in common.

I’ve been dreaming of a few hours to spend at the hair salon so that I can manage to get a hair cut that is easy to maintain.

It’s crazy how things that we didn’t pay much attention to are now the things we crave the most for.

I guess it all has to do with time.

After all what’s a few hours in a whole month?!?  Yet as a new mom, and with my family living abroad, I find myself in the position where I can’t even have that luxury… Yes time has become a luxury that I can’t afford.


I was even able to find the time to get to the salon but of course without an appointment it’s basically impossible to get anything done… And this is another challenge on it’s own.

Do I really have to find someone to babysit my child for three hours so that I can go take care of myself? And why do I feel guilty about that? I never felt guilty before if I wanted to go to the hair dresser. If anything it made me feel better. It made me feel like I was taking care of myself!!!! So where is all this guilt coming from? Why do I feel awful to the thought of leaving my child JUST to the care of me?


How do you Mamas handle your lack of pampering? And what do you consider pampering? A hair cut, a manicure, a massage? Do you ever feel guilty for wanting to take care of yourself? How do you deal with that guilt?


I haven’t found a solution yet to my guilt but what I can definitely say is that I’m working on it, and that on it’s own is a great accomplishment for me. What I told myself is to start with small steps. Take 10 min after a shower to put on some heavenly smelling cream or put my favourite colored nail polish on my nails. Very simple steps but that for a pampering deprived mama are huge accomplishments.

And believe it or not they are making the difference for me. They make me feel happy. Small gestures to show myself that I still count as a person. That I’m not always the last person to be taken in consideration. That I am worth my time.


So Mamas if you haven’t done so yet take those few extremely expensive minutes and spend them on yourselves because you are worth it. Trust me even your partner will be happy about it.

Below you can actually find what worked for me and that can help you as well

Take care

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