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Lansinoh Lanolin cream for my sore nipples

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Hey Mamas,


Did you ever experience sore nipples?


Now that my daughter is teething I’m somehow reliving those initial moments when my nipples felt like they were on fire!!! Sounds like fun doesn’t it!?!

I still clearly remember that feeling. I couldn’t even touch them and more often then not they would stick to the bra. To take a shower it felt horrible to say the least and I was constantly adding cream on them to keep the area moisturized. I know this sounds gross but it’s the truth…  and the only thing that helped me then was the Lansinoh cream Lanolin. I really thought I was over those days! Gullible me…

Why is it that everything that involve children somehow end up being a learning, sometimes even painful experience? Thank goodness for all these products that we have these days to help with all these weird situations.

I mean I never thought before giving birth that I would have feared even a simple thing as taking a shower. It is temporary so don’t get me wrong it will pass and if you’re in my same situation don’t worry just apply the cream (In industrial quantities LOL, or as instructed on the package!) and you will feel better.

Anyway I wanted to share this awesome situation to see if any of you has had the same fantastic experience. So please just comment below and share your painful story.


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