Lillebaby All Seasons Carrier Review

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Hey mamas,

So this is a 100% honest review. I purchased this carrier when we were going on vacation to the Caribbean and Orlando, my little one had outgrown his first carrier and I knew there was going to be lots of walking with superhot weather.

So, having worn an Infantino carrier before, I knew exactly what I was looking for, what I liked, what I didn’t and what I needed.

After going through a bunch of reviews and brands and options ( it is seriously overwhelming to do this as a first time parent who is just finding out what carriers are, I didn’t do nearly as much reasearch when I added the first carrier to my registry ) I pretty much narrowed it down to 2 contenders:

  1. The Ergo Baby 360
  2. Lillebaby All Seasons Carrier

Some of my most haves were the following though not necessarily in this order:

1. Maximum number of positions to carry baby
2. Being able to use it for a long time, grow with baby
3. Correct support for baby’s hips and spine
4. Ease of use
5. Breastfeeding friendly ( at the time I had never done this, but thought for a trip it would be great not to worry if you have somewhere to sit, how to cover, where to stop, etc )

So finally my winner was the Lillebaby All Season Carrier, and here is why:

– You can carry your precious in 6 different positions!! Options people!! When you have a baby you want to have options! One of them being that you actually CAN wear your NEWBORN.!!!
– Weight limit  until baby is 45lb-20kg. My guy is on the heavy side so having a carrier that can take the load off and evenly distribute it on my body is really important.
– Baby is in an anatomically correct position ( you dont want to find out years later that you damaged your kiddos structure while you were carrying him around ).
– Placing the baby in the carrier and Adjusting the straps is honestly fairly easy, even the back buckle!! So no problem doing it by yourself!
– It comes in super cute designs!! (Ok this is totally not a key factor , but a plus if you like pretty )
– It has useful accessories , like a hood to protect your baby from the elements, a little pocket for something small you dont want to carry in your hands, adjustable neck support for their tiny sleepy heads.
– It is machine washable.

– Breastfeeding is easy, confortable and discreet.


All of these elements are shared by the Ergo Baby 360, with the only major difference being the zip down pannel at the front for airflow.
Since my little kid is always sweating, and holding him close makes him even warmer this was a huge plus for me, that meant that I could wear him all summer and on vacation just as well as in the cooler months.

Some things could be better, like:

– When you unzip the pannel, if you are not using the hood , it just hangs there like a cape and it is kind of in the way ofthe cool breeze… It wouldve nice to have a way to roll it outof the way just like the fabric panel.
– Itisa bit on the bulky side it would be nice it had a way to fold it and keep it contained.
– Babies love to chew on the sides of the carrier, I have seen “protectors and bibs” on Etsy. ButI would like to have the option of just getting it with the carrier, that way it would match the already beautiful design and I wont freak outabout my kiddo munching on dirty fabric or him covering the carrier in drool.

All of these points in my opinion don’t take anything away from this amazing carrier , overall really great product, it is sturdy, has good quality finishes and materials and it is amazingly useful to be handsfree.

My baby and I both love it and will be using it until it is just too small for him.

If you live in Canada and want to get a Lillebaby carrier, youcan purchase it here: https://well.ca/products/lillebaby-complete-all-seasons_117494.html

There are a few other online distributors, and some small boutiques that  sell it, but it is not that easy to find.

If you live at the States you can go directly to their site and have a look at their super cute and amazing variety http://lillebaby.com/

Hope this was useful!!



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