Welcome baby…

Dear Mamas,


Do you remember the moment you held your child for the first time?

How beautiful that feeling…

We don’t think there’s anything in life that can give you that kind of happiness.


A: Sometimes we need a reminder of that gorgeous feeling


T: Especially when we feel like we are about to loose our minds!!!! Lol


A: And that happens more often than not!!! But none the less the amount of joy they bring into our lives is priceless. I remember the feeling of finally being able to see my little baby, to hold her and kiss her. No matter how painful or long your labor is, you still find the energy to love them and care for them. I had the epidural done, but I was still able to feel the contractions and when we got to the point of pushing I could feel everything. The weird part is that I also felt like I was in a maze. I barely remember the doctors, nurses and what they said or did but where my baby is concerned I remember everything. It’s as if my body knew I had to protect her at that point more than ever. Did you feel that way?


T: I actually felt a mix of emotions when I just saw his face , it was a strange kind of love… A love that happens just because with no apparent reason, after all, we were seeing each other for the first time. But aside of that I felt a huge respect for this little creature that had endured the most dificult experience of his short life…  there he was, looking at me with those big wide open alert and wise eyes. I was incredibly happy and grateful  in advance for witnessing the  miracle of his life. And just then I realized how wonderful and meaningful  every single breath is, how much I take for granted, and how valuable every second I get to witness his journey is.

So… I don’t know if that is love… To me it was a very positive but overwhelming feeling, so big, so transcendental that goes beyond words. Love is just not enough.


Every single experience is different, we  would love to hear how you felt !



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