Lansinoh Pumping Bra: Your pumping breast friend!

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Hey Mamas!

So, this is for all of you hard at work boobie squeezing mamas. I was there with you pumping for almost every feeding of the day.

I get it, it is time consuming and complicated.. Why? You want to cut down your time? You need to double pump wich means you need both hands to hold the pumps to your boobs.
Having a baby around requires you to have both hands free at most times.. So, a bit complicated.

There are pumping bras in the market, but this is my absolute favourite because it is so easy to use.

Lansinoh pumping bra, why is it your breastfriend?

It comes in one size only and you are able to adjust to the best fit by re- attaching the soft velcro back. So, no problem if your boobs go up and down in sizes, you can always adjust!

1. It is machine washable.
2. It fits most pump flanges
3. It zips at the front
4. You have the option of wearing it with or without straps. This is where this becomes a game changer!! You can just wear it when you pump, over your nursing bra!!!


This bra allows you to pump hands free while you make use of those valuable minutes and multitask, whether you are getting some work done, reading a magazine or… If you have a portable pump you could even get some dusting done!!!

Hands down a pumping boobie must have!

So what are you waiting for? Click the link and get pumping…

For Canadian mamas this is a bit harder to find sadly… But totally worth it! Get it here.

For US mamas you can find it easily here.




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