Mama’s sleeping disorder

Hey Mamas!

My son is a very good sleeper, I have to say. He started sleeping through the night when he was about 2 months old… And has kept a quite descent sleep pattern since (with some sleep regression and teething exceptions of course).

But despite the fact that he sleeps, I find myself falling asleep really really late… Like 1 am late! And you mamas out there know that is not a wise habit to have. Why am I going to bed so late at his 9 almost 10 months??

I can’t help it… As soon as my head hits the pillow a ton of thoughts start cascading in my head…

Would he be cold during at night?? Maybe I should have added another layer of clothing… or his sleeping gown? No, no, he is ok…

He hasn’t moved in a while.. Haven’t heard or seen in the monitor… I am going to double check.

Tomorrow I gotta call for his doctors appointment… Can’t forget again!add mental reminder… And phone reminder.

Ohhh he was so, so good today… He ate his food almost mess free.. That plastic bib is looking disgusting by the way… I should buy a new one… Yes, grab phone, go to well.ca… Look at all the cute stuff.. Oh that reminds me! A new bowl… Oh and that matt that sticks to the table so he can’t make a mess!! What a great idea! Uh I might as well buy those snacks he loves so much while I am here… They should arrive before the weekend anyways… Great seems that I have it all.. I can sleep now!

Oh wait, he is starting to cry… Will go there and give him his soother… Shhh shhh I whisper… He goes back to sleep… Oh my sweet little boy, you have grown so much!! Sneak out… Finally I will get some sleep!!

…. Great now I can’t sleep…
Did I pack everything on the diaper bag for tomorrow? We are going out with Daddy… Mmm maybe I should double check… I might be missing a spoon! Oh goodness I need to remember to prepare his meals and take them before we go!!! … Grab cell phone, add an alarm, add a reminder!!!

I wonder if he is going to like having French classes… I need to find a good school, make sure he has access to it… UH!!! Still haven’t finalized daycare search!!! OMG!!! I only have a few months left!!! Grab phone start looking like a maniac!!! …

This time while I scroll down my eyes are finally closing on their own… Chances are I will fall asleep and not remember a single thing I had to remember.. Except the ones I set alarms for of course!

… I dose off nicely and effortlessly into sleep… 15 mins in… Kiddo starts moving around and crying…. Great!!!
Does this happen to you mamas? What am I doing wrong? I just cant avoid thinking about a ton of stuff at night!


Desperate Mamas

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