Memory Lane

Hey mamas!

Today I had the most amazing experience while visiting our dear new mama friend at the hospital !! She gave birth at the same hospital I did.

I walked the same path that I did when My baby was born, I remembered the emotions and feelings, like flashbacks in a movie.. As I walked by triage I remembered how just about 9 months ago, a tired and wabling version of myself walked in at a really slow pace, breathing in between extremely close contractions. I wasn’t afraid, wasn’t excited… I was incredibly focused, to the point where I don’t remember any detail… Lights were low, voices seemed soft and distant, there was no rush feeling, but a very calm one. It seemed like the only activity was going on inside of me.

It ended up not being what or how I had envisioned, not how I had planned it a million times in my mind. For the longest time I wasn’t happy with how it went.

But now, 9 months later, I am proud of it all,  the gross and the bad and the painful and the difficult. I am proud of my body for making it through, proud and thankful for my little one to make it through. Amazed at the beauty and perfection of nature and how everything is designed with such precision so that life is possible. And incredibly happy of being the mother of my son!

It was such a special, happy and humbling feeling! One I am very very thankful for.

Are you momstalgic?? Share with us!


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