First steps… Are you ready?

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Hey Mamas,


I’m ecstatic to tell you that my little one has finally taken her first step!

That’s an exciting moment for me… Well scary and exciting.

Scary because that means that from now on I can’t take my eyes off her for not even a millisecond, and exiting… Well that’s pretty obvious why it’s exiting.

For many parents this means that they have to run to the store and buy all the equipment to jail their quick little smart cookies.

So I thought it would be helpful  to make a list, for the exited mamas like me, of useful gadgets that I find indispensable for baby proofing your house.

Let’s start with the basics by saying that the best advice I received is to “go down on your knees” and start looking for the following items:

  • All the objects that are at your fingertips. If those objects are “breakable’ just store them away (hide them, pack them or just relocate them to a more suitable location)
  • Outlets and add covers to them.
  • Door knobs. They actually sell knob covers.
  • Blind cords. This is very important because they can strangle themselves! Add clips to them so they don’t hang low.
  • Corners (Coffee tables, side tables and other furniture that have sharp corners). Make sure to add covers!
  • Fire places. If you do have them in your house make sure to add gates or other protection
  • Cabinets/drawers. Lock them and relocate sharp objects to higher storage areas, just in case you forget to lock. Trust me they will be watching
  • Stove knobs
  • Hide the cables. For some reason they are attracted by them like magnets!
  • Secure your TV if it’s sitting on furniture and your little one is able to reach for it.
  • Safety gates are a must especially next to staircases or rooms that you don’t want your child to have access to.

For your bathroom also make sure that you add:

  • non-slip bath mats
  • toilet locks
  • bath spout covers


And remember that even the best baby proofing gadgets are not 100% effective without your watchful eye. Your baby is unique and no one knows them better than you do so depending on their personality you might need to add some extra security measures to this list.

Happy baby proofing and let us know your “first step” story



Desperate Mamas

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