Letter to my child

Dear baby,


I want to capture so many moments of your childhood so when you grow up I can show you all those wonderful moments we spent together.

I know I can’t capture them all and I know I won’t remember them all.

What I do want you to know is that I loved you during every single moment and I will always love you more than anybody in the entire world.

Your dad and I are very lucky to have you in our lives. From day one you have shown so much curiosity and happiness. You always have a smile and a beautiful one. You know when they say that some people smile with their eyes? Well that’s you. You wrinkle your nose and almost close your eyes. It’s contagious and mesmerizing.

You’re courageous and constantly looking for an adventure. Smart!!! Sometimes it’s even scary… It’s hard to keep up with you, but I would never change a memory of the time spent with you, not even the difficult moments. I’ve cursed many times because you were doing things you were not supposed to do, or the opposite… You were not doing things you were supposed to, such as sleep or eat. How many times we spent hours upon hours trying to make you fall asleep, or eat. You’re so stubborn but so are your dad and I.

We love you my dear and wish you every happiness in life. I can’t wait for what’s to come and cherish the once that just happened…

Your first step, first word (It was not mama but daddy)….First  night without a diaper… Your first everything. We want to be there in every moment that counts, especially the difficult ones. We will always make sure you’re safe and we’ll try to teach you the right things.

I sincerely hope you will confide in us in your dark moments and make us part of the happy ones.


With all my heart

I love you always

Your Mama

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