The Leak embarrassment

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Hey Mamas!

When My son was born, we had lots of issues with breastfeeding. Aside from that, my boobs were watermelon sized and leaked every time a feeding was approaching!!!
My son wouldn’t even be awake, and I knew it was time because I was drenched in milk!!! … Wonderful!!! (Changing PJs 3 times a night, like I had nothing else to do)

Anyhow, the situation was equally annoying during the day where my bra, top and even jeans will be showing several milk stain designs.

I tried wearing Lansinoh’s nursing pads, but will have to carry a bunch with me since I had to change them after each feeding or pumping session.

Until one day while I was desperately walking through the boob related isles.. I discovered theese!!!



  1. Philips Avent Breast Shells, I know it sounds weird but they really saved my clothes and my sanity! It is basically a little container that you slide your nipple into… And basically it keeps milk, so you can do whatever you want with it.

In my case I would sterilize them and have them ready for a feeding… Since I only needed one at a time, I had another available for the next time. I would put it on once I felt the letdown or as soon as I was going to feed my baby… And I would basically leak there… About 1oz!!! So…once I was done, I would immediately pour it on a sterilized container for my kid to drink later on. BEST INVENTION EVER!!

They are lightweight and easy to carry, they have 2 “lids” one that lets air in, in case you leak all the time or at no predictable times and a closed one to contain the golden liquid. Not the greatest to wear all the time because they do look like a boob over a boob… But very practical!

So do not dispair my dear leaky mamas, there is hope!!!

We hope you find this information useful and that you share with us your leaky story and what worked for you.



Desperate Mamas

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