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Diaper Bag Essentials

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Hello dear new Mamas and Papas,

This post is dedicated to you.

I still remember when I was pregnant, confused and wondering  how I was going to learn all there is to learn about baby necessities.

I felt completely lost and overwhelmed by all the information I needed to learn before my due date. To be correct I not only had to learn about it, but I had to get it ready and packed. That meant researching the best products, the natural options (since I love organic) and stuff them all neatly in a diaper bag.

Back when I was pregnant I wished I had a list prepared for me so I thought this would be the perfect gift to you my dear new mamas and papas.

In this list you’ll find my favorite products that will help you through the first three months of baby needs. Oh yes this list will be useful just for the  beginning of your baby’s life. The reason being that as your child grows his/her needs change too and so does his/her diaper bag content.

To help you save time and effort we created this list in such a way that you can purchase any of the items we describe directly through our site. You choose… All you need to do is click on the items you need (Or Like) and enjoy them with your baby!

You can also download our Free List so you can see what you have already and what you still need to have

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Diaper Bag Essentials


Download our Free Printable list of Essentials that should be in your Diaper Bag

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