Don’t cry over spilled milk

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Hello Desperate Mamas….


How’s your day going so far?

We thought it would be nice to share our desperate moments with you so you don’t feel like you’re the only one to be overwhelmed, tired and clueless!!! Lol FAR from it!

So here is one for you:

As a new mom I tend to overreact a little…(ok a lot) when things don’t go the way they are supposed to (anybody can relate to this??? And when do they ever)

I was a few months into my new role as a mom and pumping the s**t out of my boobs.

So picture this:


I’m in my bedroom trying to squeeze as much juice as possible from those super hard melons. I’m talking about the half-hour squeeze per melon to only get 40ml total.

I’m already desperate at this point and this is with my Medela pump, which BTW performs miracles!!!

If you’re ever in need of a pump the Medela pump is THE ONE you want. It’s quite expensive but worth every penny!!!



Anyway in the other room my husband is talking with his parents and my wonderful new baby is asleep in the bassinet.

So far nothing wrong with the picture (Well if you don’t count the hard squeezing). Typical happy family with a brand new baby


And then this happens:

I detach the bottle from the pump and I set it on the night table so that I can pick up the lid to securely store the liquid gold. I reach for the bottle again and I KNOCK IT OVER

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