You never stop being a parent

Today I was at the grocery store, and while I was paying, the cashier was playfully making funny faces at my child. I thought it was really cute and my daughter was very much  enjoying the game.

Once I finished my transaction she waived goodbye and turned to the next customer. She started the conversation with him by apologizing and explained that she’s a grandmother of a ten months old boy. What came next was to say the least unexpected. The customer, a tall man in his late 40s, replied “Oh I understand I have a 19 year old son ”

That made me laugh to myself and think about the fact that once you become a parent you never stop thinking about your kids as your little ones no matter the age.

Hell my parents still treat me as their little baby girl although I’m in my mid thirties and that is sooooo annoying and sweet at the same time.

I now understand them better and feel more connected to them because I see their point of view. I now understand all their worries and sacrifices. I understand why they had to be strict in certain occasions and why they made the choices they made. I now understand them. I guess no matter what it is impossible to fully understand a parent feelings until you become one. And it’s impossible to understand how hard it is to make those choices until you become one.

So this is for all the parents out there… Thank you… Because you are making the difference just by being YOU and eventually your children will appreciate YOU (Maybe!)



Desperate Mamas

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