Here we go… It’s feeding time again

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Hello Mamas,

I don’t know about your kiddos but when it comes to food my 1 year old daughter is extremely picky.
I’m at the point where I cringe when I hear the word meal. The simple thought gives me goosebumps all over my body.
I’ve tried so many recipes and different ingredients that I lost count of them.
I did find some foods that she likes but I don’t want to stick to just a few options. I want to give her variety in flavor and ingredients.
It’s such a disappointment when your own child, blood of your blood, doesn’t like what you cook. It’s simply not fair!!!
I constantly hear parents say that the stage they’re in is the best stage so far. Well not for me… I’m sorry if I don’t enjoy spending almost two hours (per meal so that’s almost 6 hour every day) trying to feed my child. As if she were going to starve!!!!
I always have to carry an extra bag of patience and set it right beside the chair I’m sitting on.
Oh did I mention that I also tried different techniques?!? Oh yes my dear mamas
I tried with toys while we eat, I tried to make silly sounds, silly faces… I tried silence, YouTube videos and FaceTiming with all the relatives I have on this planet!!! If she decides that today she doesn’t like pasta with tomato sauce (which she liked two days ago) she will not eat it. End of story.
So what is that I found that works?
Patience of course and the following brands (Although I’m still trying the homemade meals! I will not give up so easily)
Love child (So far my absolute favorite but not hers) They offer a great variety of all organic ingredients. Mostly they are pouches with mixed veggies and fruits. They’re also combined with either quinoa or yogurt. At least the ones that I was able to find at the stores I usually go to.
You can find it in the major grocery stores and the price is very reasonable. From this brand we also like the snacks, although their not always available.
Plum organics (Her favorite) is also very good. Like the other brand it offers great variety of flavors and my LO seems to enjoy it very much. It is the only brand so far that once I open the pouch she eats it all in one sitting. The only reason why it’s not also my favorite is the consistency. I think it’s not thick enough and that makes it a little more difficult to feed to her. But hey if she likes it I like it.
In both cases I wish they had also a selection of meats.

So far I’ve tried Heinz for both the meat options and the veggies/fruit. I have to say that I’m not too impressed with this brand so I stopped buying it.

I’ve tried many other options and brands but I find myself forced to stick with the two mentioned above because of my picky eater’s taste.
Maybe in the near future I’ll be able to feed her different things (As I said I’m not giving up the homemade meals), but for now I need to stick with what I know works. I don’t want my LO to starve… LOL

How about you mamas? What are the challenges you face when it comes to feeding your LO?
What is your LO’s favorite food/recipe? Please share it with us… Maybe this picky eater will love it!


Illustration by Alessandro Piedimonte apiedimonte.blogspot.com

Desperate Mamas

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  1. Hey Desperate Mama, it’s so intriguing how every baby is so different from one another!
    The challenge I’m actually facing is having enough to eat myself! My little one eats whatever I have on my plate, then I shared, but a lot of times, I had to get a second portion as the first big one was not enough!
    Good luck! I know having my baby eat at the same time and the same food as I am helped a lot! 🙂

    1. Hi Diane,
      I agree with you. It is fascinating to see how every child is so unique, and goes through the same stages in so many different ways.
      I guess the important thing is that we help them through each stage and that we love them unconditionally

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