I am “just” a Mom

Hey Mamas!


It is going to happen, my little one is soon going to be one year old and I am going to have to work again. (We will talk about that later)


But I have  been lucky enough to spend the past year being “JUST” a mom. Why is it “JUST a Mother” so terrible that it is meant to sound insulting??? Like it is such a small and mediocre thing to do???


I have discovered that being a woman who devotes herself to raising and shaping a human is really a time consuming, full responsibility (with the world) , exhausting, rewarding, absolute top importance task!!!! We are after all, shaping the world’s future!!!


So it should not only be considered outstanding and remarkable, but we shouldn’t be EVER asked… So? Are you working or you are JUST looking after the baby? Do you plan going back to work anytime soon?? DUUUUUDEEE!!!


Being A MOTHER On its own is and should be considered THE MOST IMPORTANT LIFESTYLE in the world, and I don’t say JOB because jobs have a starting and finishing time, vacations and sick days… And they are payed. I work my ass off every second of the day and night, every day and every night nonstop!!! No one will ever promote me or give me a bonus.


I must admit that I was one to think that way… And now that I am a mother I realize the HUGE effort that it entails.

The sleepless nights(for one reason or another) the effort to learn everything there is to know about your child, the schedules (that never work) , the social pressure and exhaustion. The failures, the fights, the dissapointment, the zero time to yourself!!!


MOTHERHOOD is an act of love that entirely consumes a morther’s life. You are devoting yourself  to the task,  and as we have said before… You never stop being a parent.


I don’t mean that being a working mom is not hard, I am absolutely sure that it is also a B…. But I know better now about staying home with a baby and losing yourself while you are at it, having really no more time to do anything else but being a mom.


So all I want to say is let’s stop brushing motherhood off like it is no big deal.. Because it is, it is an AMAZING HUGE DEAL!

High five to all of us!!


Illustration by Alessandro Piedimonte apiedimonte.blogspot.com

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