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Hey Mamas!


We can all agree that being a parent, specially a mother is quite demanding. This only gets 10x more intense when you don’t have grandma close by.


Whether you are living in a different country or simply you have no family around, juggling kids and daily life just seems like a third degree equation.


What do you do if you are exhausted and you need a break??? There is no grandma to drop off the kid for a few hours. What do you do if you are sick and can’t look after your baby?  What do you do if you have a bussiness meeting? Or a dentist appointment?  Job interview? Bussiness party (the bring your wife leave your kids kind of event)?


That is my case, and sometimes I just think how wonderful it would be to have grandmas around!!!  Seriously if you have your mom or mother in law around, LOVE them and make sure they know you are thankful for the help because they are heaven sent.


So what do you do if you don’t happen to have these angels close enough?


You can get a Nanny… Unfortunately you might need to go through a fare share until you find the right one, and then of course we still have the fact that nannies are not for free.


You could find a neighbor that has a baby and help each other out. Easier said than done, sometimes you just don’t have such neighbors… Or you just don’t like them.

And then… Leaving your child with a complete stranger…


Then you have daycare… But you have an age restriction and if your baby is too young they just won’t take him/her. Plus it is not an option if you have a sudden thing and need someone to look after your baby just for a few hours.


Worse comes to worse you might have no option but to bring your child with you. Not as easy or convenient, or professional but you gotta do what you gotta do.

This would get easier or significantly more complicated depending on the child’s age.


I have personally found the best option by far is having a great friend network. When you are away from home, true friends become your own family.

This is people you share values and ideas with, people you can count on, that you love and love you back.

So, if you ever need help, you can trust them with your kids because you know that they are in the best hands they can possibly be.


Even when  this is also easier said than done, it is an easier option. Plan in advance and try to meet people, be open and approachable and you will most likely find some great people you happen to get along with!


So dear mamas and papas out there, if you are parenting without family around, it is not all lost, there is a way and even when best friends don’t grow in trees, you can find them if you keep your eyes and heart open!!!


Have another great way to deal with a situation like this? Share it with us!!!

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