Antique shopping with the youngsters

Hey Mamas,

Have you ever gone antiquing with the little adorable monsters?

How was your experience?

Antique shopping

If there’s one thing we’ve always loved to do is shopping at antique stores. They always have these one of a kind objects that can make your house feel like it’s unique. So we were planning to go antique shopping with the little pumpkins and noticed how much we complicate our lives when it comes to their wellbeing.

Here is our conversation (via messages):


A: How did I come up with an idea so ridiculous such as going antique shopping with the little ones?


T: Hahaha Probably because you really want to go antique shopping.


A: Do you actually think is doable?


T: Yes… Wait going antique shopping or posting about them? Lol


A: Going and then posting

I’m kind of worried about them shoving something in their mouths.


T: I think the concern is just the same regardless of where you go


A: I guess… But there’s usually rust and dust when you go antiquing


T: Same thing… Really we are not going to let them loose lol

They will be either on their stroller or carrier meaning they are contained


A: True that but I’m worried nonetheless.

I want to find some objects to decorate the powder room and a stand for the wooden statue we have in the living room.

Antique shopping  Antique shopping

T: Yaaaay when are we going?


A: I’m thinking this Saturday……

Antique 7

So we ended up going and we have to admit that it was really fun.

Antique 5 Antique 8

Yes of course we had to be careful because they wanted to touch everything and a lot of things are very breakable but at the end we did it and loved it.

So if there’s something you loved to do before your bundle of joy came along, just do it. Make them part of your life by doing what you love with whom you love. You’ll cherish those moments forever!

Happy Family Fun fellow Mamas


Desperate Mamas

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