Nando’s Queen st. Review

Hey mamas!

So it is still summer and most of us are trying to enjoy the nice weather and be outside with our kiddos.

We thought it would be a good idea to start reviewing restaurants since you still have to eat and you have these little creatures attached to you most of the time… So you want the experience to be more on the positive side.

As we have previously mentioned we live in Toronto and being such a multicultural city there is an incredible amount of options when it comes to eating out, but… Are they all going to work for you and your family?

So, today We are opening our Restaurant reviews!!!


741 Queen St W
Toronto ON M6J 1G1

Find out more about them here.

Cuisine: South African

Ambiance: pretty cool, african-portuguese-latin inspired, bold and funky decor, latin-portuguese background music.

Staff: friendly and accomodating

Food: basically chicken, on the savoury side instead of having gravy they have spicy sauce, great garlic bread and salads. Healthy and vegetarian options overall Kids could eat anything on the menu but they do have a KIDS MENU.

Premises: one level, not super spacious but you can manage a stroller going through and the staff will help you find a good spot to sit. High chairs are available and they have change tables in their clean bathrooms located on the same level!!! (For people in downtown Toronto you know that is not very common).

Pricepoint: $$ on the family friendly side

Overall opinion:

Food is simple but good and healthy, it is a fun place to go to with your kids since there are lots of things and colours to look at, staff is super friendly and they don’t frown upon your kids and their yelling or mess. It has an adult vibe, yet there are a few families here and there because of how nice the experience is!

High five, Nando’s Queen St.! For helping parents have a great stress free dining experience!!! Keep up the good work!



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