5 ways to have fun with your 1 year old

Hello Mamas,


Have you ever wondered what kind of activities help your child develop specific skills?

There are many ways you can interact with your little bundle of joy and believe it or not most of them don’t even require toys.

With some imagination and objects  you can find in your household, you can have tons of fun with your toddler. The best part? You interact and have fun with your children while teaching them something.

It’s a win win for everyone.

So here are 5 ways you can help your children develop 5 different skills


Sing along (Language Development)

Songs such as Bingo the dog, Twinkle twinkle little star, Itsy Bitsy Spider (Well you get the idea right?) help children develop many skills but mostly it helps them amplify their vocabulary. This activity doesn’t require any object, although you could make it more fun by clapping along or using utensils (such as a wooden spoon) to make some noise and show them the beat

Word play increases your child’s awareness of sounds and gives them the confidence to try out new words. Playing games that repeat certain sounds, reading nursery rhymes out loud, and experimenting with different tones and rhythms are all ways you can help your toddler develop language skills – and have fun while they’re at it.


Spoon in a cup (Coordination)

For this activity you will need 2 spoons and 2 cups. You could alternate different ones too (Different sizes, colors, materials etc.) Just make sure not to hand them breakable ones.

Give one set to your child and you keep the other. Show your little one how to stir the spoon inside the cup, how to make sounds with them and you could also show them how to bring the spoon to their mouth. This will help your baby develop coordination and motor skills that will come handy when they start eating on their own and handle other objects.  You could make it more interesting by explaining and describing in details  what you’re doing, what objects you’re using, their colors and materials.


Hide and Seek (Visual)

All babies love peekaboo and as toddlers they will love to play simple games such hide-and-seek. Take turns hiding under the bed sheets, or at bath time, use a big towel. Another option is a blanket in your living room. The sky is the limit and these are all objects you will have in your home. For extra fun and giggles, you can gently poke them when they’re hiding. Say something like, “Hmm, is this a leg? Or is it an arm?”

Games like this show your toddler that just because they can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You could also carry them into another room while their face is covered. They’ll be delighted to discover they’re in a new spot once you remove the blanket.


The Little Explorer (Sensory and motor)

This activity would be best outdoor (Although you could always do it inside if the weather doesn’t permit). Go for a walk together and bring a container with you. Collect small objects that interest your toddler, like stones, leaves, and pinecones. Now that fall is coming it’s the perfect timing for it.

Your Little One will want to carry the load, but don’t be surprised if they also dump its contents and start all over again. Toddlers love to fill containers just so they can empty them again. Remember that while they play this treasure hunt sort of game, your child is learning important motor skills so try not to limit too much their exploring time.


It’s for real (Imagination)

Pretend your child’s favourite teddy or doll is real and include it in your everyday activities. Take them on a walk, tuck them into bed or teach them how to cook. Explaining what you’re doing  will boost your toddler’s language skills. Tell your child whether the toy is happy or sad so they can learn to identify and talk about emotions while developing their imagination.



Well we hope you had fun! Now there’s only one thing left to do…

What are you waiting for? Go play!



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