Tich restaurant Review

Ok I think this has been one of the worst experiences I’ve had with a restaurant since I gave birth.

Tich is a fairly new indian restaurant in the Mimico area.

My husband and I really felt like eating indian food and because we had gone to Tich before and had good food we decided to go there.

I called in advance to reserve a table since we are traveling with a child and we didn’t want to deal with a full restaurant and having to find a different option on the spot. The person I spoke to over the phone asked if I preferred inside or outside on the patio.

I confirmed with her that I preferred inside and she said there was no problem.


Once we got there the server directed us to the patio so we explained we had confirmed inside. He said that inside was fully booked so he could not accommodate our request.

We looked inside the restaurant and it was almost empty and we pointed that out to him. He apologized and kept saying that he could not let us sit inside.

At that point my husband and I were already so frustrated that we decided to leave, because this is not the way you treat a customer, especially after having confirmed a reservation.

He made us feel really unwelcomed and the fact that we had a small child with us seemed to play an important part in his decision.

About 15 minutes later I received a call from the restaurant  which went into my voicemail, since I was ordering at the restaurant next door. They wanted to let me know that somehow they had managed to find a spot inside for us.

We had tried already to go at this restaurant with our child, but at that time we didn’t have a reservation so I didn’t blame them for telling us they didn’t have a spot available but this time they have no excuses for their behaviour. I found the staff to be rude about it and although he apologized he didn’t seem to mean it at all.

So if you’re planning to go here… Well I guess  I should suggest to leave the kids at home for this one, but I much rather say change your plans instead and select a restaurant that is actually happy to have you AND your children as guests. After all even if the food is great, your child’s company is much more important!



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