Lansinoh® Thera°Pearl® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Packs review

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Hey mamas! Are you a new mom who has chosen to breastfeed your child?

If you are you have probably noticed how hard and painful your boobs are at the beginning and some of us will deal with this for a long time during this process.

Some lucky ones won’t experience too much discomfort… For the other unlucky bunch.. Like myself… It is going to be a painful ride… But there is light in the tunnel actually.

Lansinoh’s Therapy packs come in super super handy when you need some soothing for your (really really hard) workers.

They are simple and quick to use , I recommend to have at least 2 pairs handy. One you keep in the fridge, the other one gets warmed up in the microwave… Just so they are available immediately once you need them.

This pair multitask like a boss. Use them cold for swelling, but when you are engorged like a rock warm them up and massage the area, that will definitely help.

When warm they also speed up letdown, so if you have an impatient kid, or you pump, you will find this very useful.

Overall great product, they are portable and easy to use, they provide relief when you need it without too much to deal with… Which is exactly what you need when you have a newborn around.

Have you found other products that provide relief for those early painful weeks?

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