What kind of Mama are you?

Hello dear Mamas,


Ever wondered why we get so upset about little things that don’t get done our way?


Being a parent is a huge responsibility and many moms feel it’s their duty to take care of everything that involves their children, leaving the daddies on the outfield.


I’m absolutely guilty of that, and trust me when I say it doesn’t help me a bit.

My husband is a great man and loves our daughter more than anything in the world. I can see it in his eyes and every time I witness it I fall in love all over again with both of them.

Although he’s great with our little one, I feel overwhelmed all the time by the amount of tasks I set up for myself .

I make all the meals and feed our daughter  ALL the time. I give her a bath and change her diapers, wash her clothes, fold them and put them away. I put her to sleep, I play with her. I spend my entire day with her and sometimes the nights too. It’s a non stop job, that I enjoy most of the time but still it’s overwhelming and exhausting.

As I said I put a lot of this pressure on myself when I could instead ask for help.

Why is it that I find it so difficult to say the magic word?

Asking for help shouldn’t be hard yet I find that if I  do I’m telling the world that I’m an incompetent mother.

Is it only me? Am I delusional because I think that? Does it happen to other mothers?

I drive myself crazy sometimes… I mean seriously?!?

Sometimes I can’t even find the time to go to the washroom and I realize that I go on all day holding it…

And do we want to talk about the outings? Or should I say the lack of them? Unless I’m going for some groceries I don’t take my nose  even close to the door and I know it’s important for her to experience as much as possible, but I simply can’t find the time for it.

I wish I could say that I can do it all but I can’t. I need to face my limitations and accept that I need help.


So I’m the “I wanna do it all” kind of mama. What kind are you? Do you feel you’re missing out by not asking for help? Or are you the “Hey you do your part” type of mama?


Can’t wait to hear all about you


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