Traveling with kids


Did you jump up and down with excitement? Can’t wait?

Or… You are almost wanting to be alert enough to be able to come up with an excellent excuse to postpone the whole thing? Does the thought of it terrify every cell of your already exhausted body?

We have been there and we want to give you some useful tips.
Of course every kid is different but there are certain things that can help. A few generics to consider:

The most important fact of all is your child’s age!!! It is not the same to travel with a newborn, 6 month old, 1 year old… And so on.. You get it… They are all very different creatures with very different priorities.

For example:
  Newborn: it is pretty straight forward; feed, sleep, pee, poo… Repeat. Make sure you respect their schedule as much as possible, remember what time is their next feeding and keep their diaper clean and dry (make sure you bring plenty of diapers roughly 8-10 per day).
  6 Month old: More alert times… Semi-mobile, eating solids plus milk.  So, a few more variables to the equation. But same rules apply, respect their timing. Feed them every couple of hours , make sure you bring the foods they are used to if they are picky eaters, try to reduce noise and light to help them keep their nap times. Some small toys will help with alert times. A bottle of water counts as an incredible toy.

  One year old: very different…this is a little person you are dealing with. Short naps , feeding schedule that resembles your own, very mobile possibly walking, quite vocal and loud too… GETS BORED.

So a lot more work on your end, by now you have nailed feeding schedules… Still as important, you can skip meals but your little one shouldn’t. Make sure you always have something for them. Bring their favourite small toys, be ready to walk them and show them around. They want to explore the world and a trip brings in tons of exciting new discoveries. Less diapers now but more food and toys.
Identify your child’s top priorities and try to make them yours … As long as you offer a way for those to be satisfied, things might be easier for you.

How long does it take to get to your destination?
Again different ages different needs within a certain timeframe. Account for it in terms of diapers and food/milk (breastmilk,pumpedmilk, formula, homogenized milk… Whatever stage you are at right now)

How long will you be away for??

This will be useful to determine how many clothes, bottles, food, diapers to take.
Try to travel light…. It is almost impossible with a child, so try to stick to the minimum, you already will bring a ton of stuff (I am still guilty of packing too much of something… I guess it is a common feeling to bring stuff just in case, but try your best to reduce the load).
Do not carry stuff that you could get at your destination. If you are travelling to a big city you will be able to buy diapers and food. If you are travelling to a small town or say.. The mountains then you are going to have to carry your whole trip’s length on supplies. (Not fun guys.. Not fun).
The whole point is to try to avoid situations where you are out of resources, because then you will panic and once you do… Vacation is over.. Not cool.
Truth is, it is superfun to travel with your kids, even if they are still small babies. It is an incredible bonding experience to discover new things together. And there is no reason to stress about it.

It is basically everything you already do every day, plus a walk through customs or a longer drive… Not a big deal, nothing you can’t handle, just think about everything you have been through together and you will realize it is going to be a piece of cake! … Yum!!!
Since we know you probably don’t have time to scroll through a super long post, we have created a TRAVELING SERIES section, where we will publish all sorts of tips and tricks we have learned as our kiddos grow up.
So don’t miss our next post Traveling with a Newborn tips and checklist!!!
And…..Bon voyage!!!


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