Aleva Naturals soothing diaper cream review

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Dear Mamas,


My LO (that is not so little anymore) just had a bit of a rash on her little princess, due to an allergic reaction, and that made me realize how much I rely on my fabulous diaper cream.

From the first diaper explosion to that nasty poop that went all the way to my little baby’s  ears (At 3am of course) I’ve had a great helper at my side:


Aleva Naturals soothing diaper cream



At the beginning of my journey  I was told creams with a high Zinc content would help heal a red bum, and treat diaper rash, but personally found them incredibly thick and difficult to wipe off.


There are many options out there you can choose from when it comes to keeping that little biteable butt from getting red and irritated and tons of creams to choose from.

I am personally a fan of natural products and have tried a few before settling for ALEVA NATURALS Soothing Diaper Cream. The reason why I like it is because it’s very soft to the touch and very easy to spread in the right spots.

For me it is a winner in all aspects. It is based on natural ingredients, it’s easy to use, it lasts a long time because you don’t need much of it, it’s the perfect size to carry around, it’s affordable and you can buy it online. But the most important reason why I think it is the best diaper cream, is that my little one had a rash a few times and this was the only cream that helped her get better.

Because I’m so fond of this cream and very happy with the results I would definitely suggest it to any new and not so new Mama in town.

You can buy it here and I am sure you’ll be satisfied with it.


Happy spreading


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