Aleva Naturals: Pacifier & Toy Wipes

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Hey Mamas!

So this is probably something you guys are familiar with, if not you seriously need to check this out.


Aleva Naturals Pacifier and Toy wipes are super super handy when on the go with baby. I got them as a baby shower gift and have used them ever since.


My baby is a soother baby, and as a new parent you tend to panic and want to sterilize every single thing that touches your precious bundle, let alone what goes into his mouth!!! (I personally got over this  down the road)


So this came really handy when we were out and there was no way to sterilize a soother or teether or toy….this kids put everything in their mouths!!!


Once I started getting more adventurous and pumping outside from home, I found them Extremely useful to keep the pump parts clean.


Since they are natural and scent free I had no fear that there would be any toxic remainings in case they needed to be used  again and I also took good care of my pump that way. They are a super portable size, you can slide them in your diaper bag, pump bag or your purse no problem!


Overall great great product. I used it a lot in the early months and still carry them around one year after, for teethers, sippy cups and plastic utensils. They are a must to keep everything clean on the go!


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