Travelling with a Newborn + free checklist

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Today we want to share with you our experience and tips while travelling with your Newborn.



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As you have probably noticed your child’s priorities at this stage are to Sleep, Feed and Poop. Your baby’s alert moments are really not that many and not for too long.
So take advantage of this.

* A sleeping baby is your best friend when  traveling.

* Bring weather appropriate clothing so baby is comfortable and can sleep with ease.

* If your baby has certain preferences like dimmed lights or darkness bring some props to help you somehow recreate the sleeping situation so they don’t feel unfamiliar and it is easier for them to sleep.

* If you are nursing travel with clothes that make it really easy and quick, so baby has no time of getting inpatient.

* If you are bottle-feeding keep bottles, formula and water handy.

* Same goes for diapers, have enough diapers for the length of the trip and preferably carry a small changing pad with a few diapers (we love this one), diaper cream, wipes and change mat to bring with you to the washroom instead of carrying the super heavy diaper bag.

* Blowouts are very common with newborns, dress your little one in an easy outfit like a PJ, and bring a couple of extras in your carryon in case you need to perform a full change of clothes. (Bringing some Plastic bags for this particular scenario is a good idea)

* When calculating diapers for the trip, count the average quantity per day, multiply them by the length of the trip or the number of days before you can buy more diapers, and then add a full day on top of that, that will give you enough extra diapers for accidents.

* Same goes for calculating clothing. How many changes of clothes in a day? Time that number to the number of days plus a full extra day or two, just to be on the safe side… Remember blowouts.

* When it comes to toys a simple rattle or colorful toy, and one of those noisy fabric books or toys should be more than enough to entertain them for the short alert periods.

So this are a few generic guidelines, if you want to get specific, click on the link to download our free printable Checklist.

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