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This post is for our Toronto and GTA Mamas. As promised we are starting to share what we discovered at the Toronto Baby Show and  that we find helpful one way or another.


Many of the businesses that were at the show had one thing in common and that was they’re participating at the “Healthy Moms Toronto Discount Card” program.


Healthy Moms Toronto began as a Facebook group in 2012. The group has grown to over 6000 members and has become an invaluable resource for moms across the GTA.

In January 2016, Aviva Allen (Kids’ Nutritionist and founder of Healthy Moms Toronto) launched the Healthy Moms Toronto Discount Card.


All of the local participating businesses you will find listed on her site are there for a reason. She has carefully selected them because of a variety of factors, including the quality of their products or services, their environmental responsibility, choice of ingredients and so much more. As a mother of two, she understands that living a healthy lifestyle in Toronto can add up and that’s why she works hard to negotiate the best discounts possible for the cardholders.


Her mission is to inspire moms to make healthy and environmentally-friendly choices for their families and to provide access to natural products and services at more affordable prices.


After looking at the list of businesses that participate to this program we have decided to purchase the card and try it out so we could give you mamas a feedback and this is what we think:


So far we have only used the card twice. Once at the show directly with one of the vendors and once online. The other option you have is to present the card when purchasing at the local store.


At the show the process was very simple we showed the card and the password and we got an amazing discount on Carina Organics Baby Lotion.


We had a little difficulty trying to figure out how the password system worked for the online vendors. We contacted Healthy Moms and they were really quick to help and provide us with the right way to get access to the information.


The site we tried purchasing from was well.ca. We were excited because it is a site we frequently buy from, and the card has a really great discount for it. It was a little disappointing to find out that you can only use the discount if you are a first time user. Still a great discount if you have never purchased from them before.


What we can suggest is to make sure you click on the store you wish to purchase from to get the full details and conditions the vendors have, so you don’t expect discounts that won’t apply.


The list of participating businesses is quite long and that’s exciting because it gives you loads of options to choose from. Overall we find it is worth it. As moms we are always trying to find a better product for our children, and we found that all the vendors that are partnering up with Healthy Moms offer great products, even if you can only use the discount once, it is still great value.


How about you guys? Have you used this card? What has your experience been like? Do you find it useful? Let us know!!!


Desperate Mamas

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