Working Ensemble: A New Option For Busy Parents

Hello our dear Mamas,


It’s not every day that you come across someone that you believe has a great idea and that actually acts on it.

Well this is what happened to us…

We stumbled upon Diane Chevalard and her business Working Ensemble completely by chance. When we learned what she does we couldn’t help but to be excited about this project. We met with Diane back in August and arranged with her for an interview to see what the project was all about and here is how it works

Working Ensemble

The whole idea is to make it possible, for Toronto parents like us, to work for a consecutive set of hours without having to worry constantly about our children.

Diane is offering a different option to those moms that are working from home but find it difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand AND look after the kids at the same time.

So this is the idea:

The offer allows you to take advantage of a shared office area while they look after your children in the next room.

The packages range from 1 time slot per month to unlimited time slots per month. By doing so she offers flexibility to parents that don’t need a full time daycare service and the option to choose days  and times their help is needed. It also works perfectly for those parents that don’t feel comfortable enough to leave their children with someone they don’t know. With this option she gives you the peace of mind of being with your child while being able to concentrate on your project knowing that he sort she can safely play and interact with other children.


1 Time Slot includes 3 hours of:

  • Free WiFi
  • Free coffee, tea and water
  • A shared office space
  • Kitchen with fridge, sink and microwave
  • A professional care giver that will arrange for activities that will keep your child entertained and creatively stimulated accordingly to their age
  • Baby proof zone for your children
  • And of course toys


When we visited Diane we found that she’s nice and flexible to assist and make the experience as easy and positive as possible.

She has arranged her home to accommodate her growing business and is also looking for the perfect location to manage to help more parents in need.

She can currently care for 5 children at once, not including her toddler.

Working Ensemble


Diane explained that her plan is to eventually have different locations around the city where parents that require her assistance can find the support they need and at the same time maintain the family oriented flavor her business already has.


We absolutely love her idea and would love to see it emerge all around the city.


During our first visit we noticed a few points that for us are very important and that, in our opinion needed some improvements.

The space for the children was a bit limited, considering that it should be for 5 children but she rearranged the space in such a way that she can now accommodate them with ease in a cheerful and safe environment.

Considering that the entrance to her home has a set of steps we all agreed that an important item that was missing was  a ramp.

For  moms like me, that travel with a stroller at all times, it was difficult to lift it up and down the stairs. She has managed to install the ramp on the existing steps, making it easier for moms with small children to access her house.

Potty time is a point that needs some adjustments, in our opinion. At the moment there’s no changing  station for the smaller babies nor is there a washroom on the same floor where the children are being looked after. Having said that though, she provides a changing mat for the little ones and a washroom is available on the second floor for the older ones.

One thing we have noticed and we definetely admire in Diane is that  she’s constantly working in order to accommodate and resolve issues and new challenges that arise. The amount of effort and passion she puts into it will certainly make you feel at home, safe and happy.

We will visit again in the future to give you mamas some updates on possible new locations and new offers. Diane is constantly looking for new ways to help and that makes want for more. We can’t wait to see Diane succeed and share with us all her stories. So stay tuned for new updates…


Well dear mamas, there’s only one thing left to do… Go visit her site and book your “Freedom Time Slot”



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