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Dear Mamas,

I don’t know about you but I realized that since my child came to life my whole view on cleaning products has changed.
I used to be one of those people that don’t care at all about brand, scent or ingredients.
I’m not saying that over night I changed into a neat freak, natural products and scent free only user (although let me tell you sometimes I feel exactly like one). I believe there’s nothing wrong with it but It’s just not who I am/was.
Let’s just compromise and say that I’ve changed my point of view, especially when it comes to my little miracle, and I am a lot more careful of what I use now.

Having said that I’m so glad to share with you a review of a product that has hit the market about two months ago, so it’s absolutely brand NEW and it’s one of those products that don’t make you feel guilty for using it.

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Aleva2As you may or may not know, I’m a great fan of Aleva Naturals. I love their products and find that they are one of those companies that make you feel good about using their products because they’re natural based and don’t contain harsh chemicals such as artificial fragrances or perfume, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, chlorine and many more. (If you’re interested in learning more click here)

I always used Dawn as my dish soap because I loved how it would easily remove grease, but as I mentioned before, with the birth of my little miracle I was faced with some choices that I didn’t have/want to make before. For example I did not feel safe nor comfortable in using my regular dish soap to clean my baby’s bottles or toys. I tried many products that claimed to be gentle but never really felt wowed by any of them.
The simple fact that I am writing a post on dish soap should tell you how much this product has impressed me. I mean really how much time can you spend talking about soap?

Yet here I am and you might wonder  what’s so great about this dish soap, so here’s what sparked the need to write about it:
• It’s though on grease while being gentle on my skin
• It’s also gentle and safe on my toddler’s toys
• It’s safe for bottles and other baby related “tools” such as breast pumps and feeding accessories
• It rinses easily without leaving any residue
• It’s vegan
• It comes with or without fragrance
• It’s Phosphate, SLS and Dioxane free
• And last but not least it’s made in Canada, actually here in Toronto


There’s only two down sides to this product. One is that it’s a bit too liquidy for my liking, but it’s a personal preference and the fact that it’s tough on grease makes up for it big time. The other is that for now it’s not as easily found as the other Aleva Naturals products.  Not all major stores carry this product and that makes it a little more difficult to purchase, but to all issues there’s a solution.
So here is where you can find it:
Babies R Us
and here is the link to purchase it online.

I’m glad to mention that along with this fantastic dish soap there are other new items that Aleva Naturals has started making and that we are going to describe in more details in other posts. For now we’re just going to say that they’re going to help you make your life easier as a mom. So stay tuned…

Well dear Mamas I hope you enjoyed this post. If so please leave a comment to let us know if you like it or if there’s anything else you might want us to review. And to make sure you don’t miss our next post please Subscribe and follow is on Bloglovin . Bye for now!



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