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Hey mamas!!

So, I have been sort of remembering what sore nipples are. My sweet boy is 13 months now and he is finally getting teeth!! (I know… just now).
So my nipples are a bit sore after breastfeeding (not at all comparable to the early weeks!!!). Which has reminded me of the tricks and products that made my life easier then, and that might be useful to you if you are breastfeeding.

So, of course I have mentioned before that Lansinoh’s Lanolin was the one thing that really really helped me through the pain!
Apply apply and apply !!! There is no limitation for use and your baby is safe and doesn’t have any flavour or smell.

For the leaky friends, I know it is not everyone but we have discussed this on our Leak embarrassment post where we highly recommend Lansinoh’s Nursing Pads.

Lansinoh’s Therapearls are heaven sent for engorgement and plugged ducts!

The one that is coming to mind now is Lansinoh’s Soothies… I remember I couldn’t even stand the soft touch of fabric over my super sore nipples!!! Ouuchhh!

So if that is your case, these awesome soothing patches adhere to your nipples in a non harsh painful to peel off way. They do keep them nice and tucked out of the way of fabric, arms and baby hugs …or kicks.

This pair provided instant relief because they will stop the rubbing feeling. So boobs could get a deserved break.
You do have to rinse your skin after removing them for baby to nurse safely. Which sometimes is annoying specially if your baby is super hungry and dramatic and doesn’t like waiting for you to rinse your toolkit.

Aside of the small downside I think theese patches are absolutely a must have if your boobs are struggling to keep up with the intense rythm of a newborn permanently attached to you.

They are also reusable, so if you treat them with love they will last longer and love you back!

You can find this great product here

If you need more info or would like to share some helpful tips or products please leave us a comment!

Remember… love your boobs!!!



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