How THIS app Helped Children Express their Creativity


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The best thing about social media platforms is that you get to meet a lot of people and discover so many things. I have to say that I love Twitter and Facebook for that. It has offered us the opportunity to chat with incredible people. Remember when we talked about Working Ensemble? Well we met Diane through Facebook and it has been great to personally meet her.


Well we had another chance to chat with an incredible individual that we believe offers something great for Parents that want the best for their children.


We started talking with David Rheams (Cofounder of Mighty Colossus) back in October and found out that they created an app that allows you to create a Storybook using their characters, locations and props.

David explained that it all started because he wanted to create a personalized children’s book for his daughter, so he opened an app studio with his friend in 2015. Their main focus has been creating an app that allows people to tell stories. Their first IOS app is called STORYBOOK and is the fruit of many hours of brainstorming, character designing and coding.

Mighty Colossus Storybook

Little did he know that by creating this app he helped parents with autistic children communicate with them. With the simple characters and backgrounds this App has given the opportunity, to children with difficulties expressing themselves, to showcase their creativity and come up with great stories.

Mighty Colossus Storybook

Curiosity took over and wanting to find out more we downloaded the app and here’s what we think of it:


  • It’s very user friendly and offers plenty of options to start creating your stories
  • The menu is intuitive and easy to navigate
  • They allow you to upload your pictures giving you the option to create the ultimate personalized storybook
  • The dictation option is also available (which we love)
  • You can even suggest illustrations
  • Overall the concept is GENIUS



We did find a few things that could be tweaked to make the experience even better and here’s what we think:


  • It would be great to have even more layering options. With that I mean to be able to change the color of the ground, trees, sky, clouds separately and to be able to add or remove the objects.
  • Thinking of the opportunity to help parents with children with difficulties in expressing their emotions I would add a broader catalog of emotions to the existing characters, so they can more easily express how they feel.
  • It would be nice to be able to create your own characters using a catalog of separate body parts and to be able to create animals as well.


Overall we had a fantastic time using this app and find it could be a great idea as a Christmas gift. You might wonder how this could be a gift if it’s an app. Well our dear friends we left the best for last…

You OWN the story you create and can share it with as many friends and family members as you like or even share it for free on your site (Which is not only allowed but ENCOURAGED).  You can also export your Ebook and print it yourself or have it professionally printed and use it as a gift for a dear one or a 100 of them. The choice is yours.

And here is Desperate Mamas story.

Mighty Colossus Storybook Mighty Colossus Storybook Mighty Colossus Storybook Mighty Colossus Storybook

Mighty Colossus Storybook    Mighty Colossus Storybook

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  1. Thank you for such a great recommendation. My 4 and 6-year old sons love it! Storybook is simple to use…and more affordable because you own the finished book!! Even my 9 year old daughter has fun creating tales for her brothers. She also made one for me on my birthday last month. And now their grandmother is using it to share stories with the kids. Thank you, Mighty Colossus.

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