All you need is LUB

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Hey Mamas!

So, this is kind of a funny thing to talk about. Again, maybe it is not the case for some lucky ones, but for  some of us that have given birth, it just becomes a more common thing.

 After you have a child there is a whole re-adjustment of  the situation down south.

 So this is basically how sexy time goes down… that is if you are still trying to make it work LOL:

 Baby is finally fed and put back to bed.

You are already EXHAUSTED…. But you know once you get  to your bedroom there is another someone waiting for you to….Basically acknowledge them.

And lately, since you seem to have become some sort of Love giving fairy, they are most likely expecting some LOVE from you.

 Bau chicky wow wow!  (Or watever your sexy time soundtrack is)

Lets just remember you had a baby and things might be a little different… I mean different as in dry and rough.

 Ooooohhh yeaaaahhh! Life was easier without a baby around, and so were sleeping and sex.

But now…. Now it is all a  whole different ballgame ( haha ballgame ).

 Not only are you going to have like 5min TOTAL for sexy time… (That means you probably have a 30 second warmup)  if you are lucky, and then you need to get down to business because Baby IS GOING TO WAKE UP!

 I don’t know what it is, but they seem to have a sixth sense for THE MOST INCONVENIENT time to wake up “unexpectedly”, which most likely will mean Sayonara to your progress.

So yeah, baby  woke up,  you quickly throw some clothes on, go and sooth them and  help them Back to sleep.

Come back to your room, where were we? Oh… Yeeeeaaahhh… Warm up again? Sure, why not 2 mins into it… Baby is uneasy, you eye the monitor on your nightstand…Hurry! 3.5  mins into it… Just getting started… Seems like…

4mins… Kid wakes up!!! Seriously??!!

You throw whatever on top, go shhh shhh shhh shhh… Baby  goes back to sleep.

Now you are tired, your mood is really not the best one… You still go back to bed and try your best, but you both want to hurry now before you are interrupted again.. Ouch, Ouch , Ouch, you suck it up ( after all, you have pushed a watermelon out) Ouch, how can this hurt so much now… Ouch…. Baby wakes up… Of course!!!

Again, you get up, throw whatever on, sing and walk around this time… It takes longer.

You go back to your bedroom… let’s get this over with. You try, he tries, Ouch! maybe change positions, Ouch! Maybe this way is better, Ouch! Maybe some warmup, Ouch, no no it is not you… It is me… Ouch! … I can, just, maybe move a little bit, Ouch!! Ouch!! OOOOOUuuch!!!… Yeah OK… Never mind, I am tired …. Raincheck??

Yeah ok, love you… Good night! Goodnight! ….

Half an hour goes by…kid wakes up… SERIOUSLY   WT*???

If this sounds familiar it is not all lost, and in most cases it will have an easy fix. All you need is Love and Lub!! Help yourself out, it  will make  those quickies worth it!

All you need is LUB (Astroglide)

We highly highly recommend the use of this lub, to help you feel more confortable and ready in those 5 minutes that you get a chance to reconnect with your partner. It is extremely long lasting (Not that you’ll need it but it doesn’t hurt), Latex safe and waterproof. It’s also preservative free so you are safe down there, you really don’t need/want a lot more going on there other than what you want.

 So be kind and patient with your body, make things easier and a lot more enjoyable for you.

Bring it on Mamas and Papas share your frustrations with us. We want to know specially if it’s a funny story!


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