Beloved 360 baby toothbrush Review

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Hey Mamas!

So this was one of the great products that caught our eye while we were at the BabyTime show.

This is a funky looking toothbrush but its design makes a lot of sense.

The 360 design and petite size assures tiny mouths won’t get hurt while learning to use a toothbrush.


They are a Canadian company, based in Vancouver and have come up with a few very smart concepts.


They offer the parent brush, for us to clean their tiny brand new teeth. The great thing about this one is that it comes with its own case. Perfect for traveling or on the go!!! Really smart feature!
That way you are not paranoid trying to clean it or grabbing it with a ziplock bag LOL.

And also they have the “Do it yourself” brush… Which I love!!! I am all about my kiddo doing stuff on his own, and he really likes it too. This one has two variables.

One for babies and toddlers who are just starting, so it is shorter with an easy to grip handle for tiny chubby hands and the best feature… A stopper!!! Yes! A cute flower like piece that stops them from shoving the whole thing in their mouths until they gag!!! G-e-n-i-o-u-s!!!!

The other one for older toddlers or kids, with a cute owl base with a suction cup so it stands on its own once they are done! Wonderful thing so it stays clean.


Another cool feature is the fact that you don’t need to use toothpaste!!! Whaaaa??!! Even better!! Since my kid is almost 15 months I am not very keen on using toothpaste, plus less stuff to bring with you while traveling!!! BONUS!

Overall great product, I love it and my kid loves it. Makes learning to brush his teeth a fun and interesting experience, and I rest assured that he is getting a safe and great cleaning.

Since this is a super new product it is hard to find in stores at the moment, but they assured us that they were doing their best to make it available for us Torontonians in a short time. In the meantime you can find them online, just click here. and for all our readers they have provided a discount code that you can use at checkout (COUPON CODE: buy 3 get 1 free – coupon code = buymoresavemore).

Have you guys tried this product? share your opinion with us!


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