What to ask a daycare

What to Ask When Interviewing a Daycare

Hey Mamas,


Ever wondered what kind of questions you should ask when interviewing a daycare?

Well we thought it would be helpful to make a list for you so you don’t  have to.


Before we share this list with you though there are a few things that you need to consider.



  • Start early

Many daycares have a waiting list and that means you may have to register your baby way in advance in order to insure a spot.

If you have a specific daycare in mind to start early is so much more important. That might make the difference between your baby been taken care of at your first choice centre, and you struggling to find a spot and ending up not having a choice on the matter and just send your child to a centre that you might not like.


  • Keep an open mind

When researching keep an open mind. Try to have at least 3 possible options. Chances are that your first choice might not be what you expected it to be, or they might not have a spot even though you started early enough. Having a list of favorites will save you from having to start all over again and wasting valuable time.


  • Be prepared

When you do set up a meeting with the daycares of your choice make sure to bring this list with you. It will help you ask the right questions. I find that when I’m interviewing someone, having a list helps me go through all the important points I want answers to. So don’t be afraid to go there prepared.

They say better safe than sorry 😊


Hope these tips will help you make the best choice for your little one.


For your convenience we have created a printable version that you can download here. Our list includes (but is not limited to) the questions the province of Ontario suggests to ask when interviewing a childcare provider. The list is quite thorough so feel free to make a selection of what is most important to you. It is 7 pages long so we are absolutely sure you’ll find what you need and what you may have not thought of.

What to ask when interviewing a daycare


Here’s the link to the Province of Ontario page:


And use the form below to download our printable list

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think of this list. Do you think it’s missing anything?  How would you improve it in any way? Do you love it or do you hate it? Tell us about it


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