Medela Booth at the Babytime show

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Hey Mamas!

So today we are bringing to you another vendor at the BabyTime show that caught our eye.

Of course we are talking about Medela, one of our most recommended brands. So, we are sharing with you our experience at their booth.

This time Medela had a nice big booth located in the main walkway at the show, you really couldn’t miss them, and that is great because they had great info to share with all of us milk producers.


Part of what we love about Medela is that they genuinely care and want to help with breastfeeding. Whether you pump occasionally for someone to look after your baby for a few hours, or if you end up exclusively pumping, the purpose of Medela pumps is to help you feed your breastmilk to your baby.

And that was what this booth was meant for. You could come and ask them all sorts of questions about pumping and they would provide you with lots of great information. The staff was friendly and knew the product really well. We even got to get their explanation in a video for you to learn a little bit more about their fantastic products.

We had the opportunity to talk to one of their brand ambassadors, and she told us that she truly believed that the brand went beyond just selling.

They really want to help you get the best pump for your needs. Not the most expensive one but the one that you truly meets your needs.

Click Medelavideo to watch info on their pumps and differences between them. For more information about Medela click here.

They are aware that their price is more on the higher end, but the high quality of their product (all made in Switzerland) and their extensive research backs it up.

Overall , anytime you come across a Medela booth it is worth for you to stop by and ask them all the questions you can think about their product, they are great help!

Do you love Medela too? Tell us why!


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