Travelling with a 6 Month Old

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Welcome again to our travelling series!

Today we are talking about travelling and packing up for a six month old baby.

So this applies from babies around the six month mark up to maybe 8 months… You might also be interested in our Travelling with a Toddler list or Travelling with a Newborn.

These babies are still quite easy to travel with, even when they are by far more alert and interactive, they are still fairly predictable.

Nap time and feedings are still on a fairly spot on schedule, so try to maintain them as much as you can during your trip.

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At this point you are or have introduced solids so they may have a few food meals during the day on top of their regular milk feedings. That may have started to decrease if you are closer to the 8 month mark.


So a bit more gear will be required as they still drink milk, breast or bottle, but now they drink water too (sippy cup) and they eat solids, so containers and spoons and these awesome food holder thingys are in place.


It is probably useful to bring some cereal with you… Super easy to prepare just needs some water or breatmilk and you have a meal. In case you can’t refrigerate or find fresh food it is always a good alternative.


Plastic bibs are the best for meal time, you can easily rinse or simply wipe and reuse and reuse.

We like this ones



These little creatures can hold themselves up by now, so they can stay seated or move into a seated position without  your help, maybe they are even starting to crawl, closer to the 8 month mark they are probably pulling themselves up to standing… Or trying.  Way more difficult to hold still in your arms.


A lot more attention on your end is required.


At this point you may have realized you CAN’T leave them unattended for one second because they roll off the bed and changing table, if they are sitting close to the edge of the couch YOU MUST BE THERE because they can still get head heavy and dive in, face first.

Do not think that because they are in their stroller you can, not look at them…they are really squirmy make sure they are always very well strapped! I have seen babies slide off a stroller while mom digs for her passport at the registration booth.(literally 1 minute!)


They do now grab stuff from the table and your hands fairly easily too, of course to put it in their mouths… Call it their food, your food, your keys, money, wallet, passport… You name it! Makes no difference they either try to eat it.. Or drop it on the floor…over and over… And over… And over…

Make sure you have some wipes to clean their hands and the toys they will drop on the floor.


Hence, you now need a WATCHFUL EYE!!! Yes my friend… It has started, and you have years of that ahead of you… Brace yourself!


Long gone are the days where you could hear the end of a conversation  while the baby slept… Or be part of one that makes sense after being interrupted, lifting things off the floor, preventing them from shoving stuff in their mouths, stop random flying objects…. Oh and it gets better just wait a few months!


So… WATCHFUL EYE people! That is the name of  the game now.



For most babies diaper changes don’t need to be as frequent anymore, their digestive system starts working differently once you introduce solids, so blowouts are not as common and they can go through the night with the same diaper… That decreases the ammount of diapers you need to deal with and makes outings easier in a way. YAAAAAY!!!




Some are still fairly drooly so, bring lots of bibs with you or get some disposable ones.

They are also getting heavier, make sure you bring a carrier  or stroller to help you with the load. Our absolute favourite is Lillebaby all seasons carrier  (For Canada click here Lillebaby carrier), which also comes in different styles and colours! (Learn more about it here)


If you are travelling to a different country that may have different regulations about car seats make sure you are informed in advance and have already taken this factor into consideration.



These little creatures are just becoming aware of their surroundings, so not much is really needed . Anything  at hand will make for an excellent toy, keep in mind the WATCHFUL EYE though. A small rattle,  colourful fabric book and fun teethers will do.


So now without any further ado we present to you our FREE printable checklist that will save you so much time and headaches since you won’t have to think about a thing that needs to be packed! Just pack and enjoy your trip! Go ahead and make lots of great memories.


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