What to pack when travelling with a toddler free checklist

What to pack when Travelling with a Toddler + FREE Checklist

Hello Mamas,

Welcome back to the Travelling series and today we have for you a complete checklist of what to pack when you travel with a toddler.

On the previous posts (Travelling with a Newborn and Travelling with a 6 month old) we shared also some tips about what to expect and we plan to do exactly the same this time around so here it is:

We actually recently travelled to Cancun Mexico so the tips are fresh from our own trip and experiences…

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At this point they’re finally able to eat pretty much everything you eat so that makes it way easier to travel with them because you don’t have to worry about packing food on top of the already huge list of items that you need to bring with you.

We were staying at a hotel that offered a all inclusive package which I have to admit worked perfectly for us, since the little ones at this stage can also be very picky. With the buffet option we were able to pick and choose what we wanted and how much we wanted. One thing that we hadn’t considered though before leaving was the type of milk they have available (I mean who thinks of that?). Let me explain… Once we got to the hotel we found out that they do not have homo-milk (Homogenized). That was a bit of a surprise, and had to adapt to what was available.  So if you are travelling soon and are concerned about this just call the hotel to find out in advance if they do have it available so you can arrange otherwise.

It is probably useful to bring 1 bag of cereal with you… Super easy to prepare, just needs some water or milk and you have a meal. In case your little one is particularly picky and because it is always a good alternative.

I wouldn’t worry too much about packing utensils and plates but make sure to pack their sippy cups, bottles and bibs. (Click on each word to see our favourites)

Plastic bibs are the best for meal time, you can easily rinse or simply wipe and reuse and reuse.


A lot more attention on your end is required. Let’s be honest toddlers are like hurricanes. They don’t stand still for not even a moment and they can change direction in a split second.

Do we also want to talk about the amount of energy they have? In my case the little one refuses to sleep when she sees other people around so the biggest challenge was to make her take her naps. Trust me when I say that I deserve a gold medal even though I failed miserably at that. At a certain point I simply gave up trying. I just waited for her queue and let her sleep at that point.

They do now grab stuff from the table or the floor, of course to put it in their mouths… Call it their food, your food, your keys, money, wallet, passport… You name it! Makes no difference they’ll try to eat it.. …over and over… And over… And over…

Make sure you have some extra wipes to clean their hands and the toys they will drop on the floor. Here are our favourite and not only because they’re the perfect size, but because they’re made with natural ingredients and they smell nice.

So… WATCHFUL EYE people! That is the name of  the game now.



Based on the age of your toddler this part may not even apply to you… That is if he/she is already potty trained.

For toddlers diaper changes don’t need to be as frequent anymore, their digestive system started working differently once you introduced solids, so blowouts are not as common and they can go through the night with the same diaper… That decreases the amount of diapers you have to deal with and makes a big difference in how many you need to bring on the trip.



Some toddlers are still fairly drully, mostly due to the teething, so bring some bibs with you or get some disposable ones. Even better are those super cute bandanas that instead of covering their outfits they complete them.

They are also getting heavier, so make sure you bring a carrier or/and a stroller to help you with the load. My little one got sick and super clingy because of that. If I didn’t have my carrier with me I would have been in serious trouble. If you want to find out more about carriers check out this post, it’ll give you lots of info and great key knowledge points to choose one.

One more important point is:

If you are travelling to a different country that may have different regulations about carseats make sure you are informed in advance and have already taken this factor into consideration.


Toddlers are notorious for being full of energy and in a plane that might cause a bit of challenge. That’s why we suggest you bring some toys with you in the plane so to keep them entertained as much as possible. A small rattle won’t do the trick anymore,  but a colourful fabric book and a fun teether will. Even crayons and some paper could be a nice fun alternative.

If your little one is used to sleeping with a stuffed friend, remember to bring that friend with you. The last thing you want is for your child to feel overwhelmed by being in a strange place and not being able to sleep because of that. Their little stuffed toy might make the transition a little smoother and save you from a meltdown in the middle of your “relaxing” vacation.


One last tip is for you to bring in the plane a soother or a teether so it can help relieve your toddler from the pressure they’ll feel during landing and take off. Our child doesn’t use soothers, but as we found out the hard way, that soother could save your baby from some very annoying ear popping and in some cases it could even be painful for them. So don’t make my same mistake and bring something for them to chew on during those transitioning moments.

Hope you found these tips useful and below you can download your FREE CHECKLIST to help you pack all you need.

Enjoy your trip and bring back lots of great memories!

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