Pinterest Board: Advice for the Desperate Mamas

Pinterest Board: Advice for the Desperate Mamas

Dear Mamas,

I think we can all agree that Motherhood is no joke!!! It can be exhausting, scary at times and some other times it can be plain and simply put CONFUSING!!! With all the technology we have at our disposal it should be easier to find solutions to all our questions, but honestly I think it’s the complete opposite!

When you have too many sources and most of the time contrasting one another it becomes a lot more difficult to make an informed decision that we feel confident with. So many more questions pop up to our heads, and most times than not you get derailed from your original intentions. I mean let’s be honest it’s easy to get distracted by those cute little outfits, and baby faces and crazy stories or funny ones. And then you remember that you needed to look for something but lost the train of thought and suddenly you don’t even remember what you were searching for in the first place.

This is how we feel every time we start researching anything, and we mean ANYTHING related to Motherhood. It’s just so distracting and that is what pushed us to write the post we shared with you last week. Our tips and recommendations are meant to help you with the early stages of Motherhood without all the distractions you might get from a simple Google search.

We would like to continue on the same path and share with you something we think will be as useful as the recommendations we offered previously:

Our Advice for the Desperate Mamas Pinterest Board.

Pinterest Group Board Advice for the Desperate Mamas

This is actually a group board we started about 6 months ago and we asked other blogger moms to collaborate with us so that we could provide as many useful tips as possible. So after only half a year we are  at over 180 collaborators which pinned 6.2k pins so far and reached 2.5k followers.

In this board you will find pins related to Motherhood and Parenting Advice. All the collaborators are very talented moms that are sharing advice that comes from either personal experience or from a professional standpoint. We are very proud of this Board and its members.

Pinterest Board: Advice for the Desperate Mamas



From Pregnancy tips to Working At Home tips you will literally find anything you are looking for. We strongly suggest you check it out and see for yourself. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.


Pinterest Board: Advice for the Desperate Mamas

The intent of this board is for you to be able to find the answers to your questions in the easiest way possible, and all in one single board. Head over to Pinterest and make sure to follow the board to get all the latest info.

P.S.: If you’re a Mama Blogging about parenting and would like to collaborate on this board make sure to send us an email with your info.

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    1. Of course you could. Daddies have great advice to give too, so if interested in joining we would love to add you

  1. This is such a great resource for moms. I think it was a wonderful thought to gather this information into one place for busy moms to find.

  2. As a mom of twins, I can add desperate mama to my list for sure. Just joined your board – looking forward to finding lots of great reads!

  3. This sounds like a great board, I have just followed. As someone trying for a baby, I think it’ll be useful for me now and for years to come!

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