Desperate Mamas offers BetterBump Giveaway

BetterBump: A Healthy Snack through Pregnancy and Breastfeeding + GIVEAWAY

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Dear Mamas,

We are so excited to share this with you today! Our very first GIVEAWAY And we couldn’t feel more thrilled because we really really like this product and so will you!!!

Desperate Mamas offers BetterBump Giveaway

We just came across BetterBump, that is not new to the market but it’s new to the Canadian Mommyhood. We thought it would be nice to share this discovery with our dear mamas, since it is specifically designed to help mamas-to-be and breastfeeding mamas (Which happens to be just up our alley).

BetterBump is an Australian company that has designed these Snack-Bars with expectant Mamas in mind. The whole purpose of these bars is to provide a healthy, nutritious option for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

So what’s so good about this Snack you might ask… Well here’s a list for you:

BetterBump contains the following active ingredients:

(Find more about it on their resource page)

  1. Prebiotic which combined with Probiotics helps protect our body from harmful bacteria, keeping the digestive system working properly.
  2.  Folic Acid which helps your body produce and maintain new cells, keeping your blood healthy. Beginning folic acid supplementation before conception significantly reduces the incidence of birth defect,s and women who consume Folic Acid have a reduced risk of developing high blood pressure and anemia. This is a WIN WIN if you ask us!
  3. Iodine helps your baby’s brain and nervous system develop. A lack of Iodine during pregnancy has been linked to miscarriage, preterm delivery and still birth.
  4. Calcium becomes especially important to supplement during the final 20 weeks of pregnancy. As the fetus’s skeleton develops, it needs a great amount of calcium. Calcium during pregnancy helps mommy keep their own health strong while also shielding the health of their unborn babies.
  5. Iron During pregnancy, extra iron is needed for your growing baby and placenta, especially in the second and third trimester. When pregnant the amount of blood increases almost by 50% so you need more iron to produce more haemoglobin. An iron deficiency during pregnancy is associated with preterm delivery, low birth weight and infant mortality.

It has no GMO ingredients

Not sure how you feel about this but for us this is a big plus. Generally speaking we don’t like to think that we’re ingesting Genetically Modified Organisms let alone when pregnant or breastfeeding your baby. What you feed your baby is extremely important for their development so we LOVE that they considered this point when developing this snack.

It’s Dietician Approved

This bar is considered a healthy integration to a well-balanced diet for women trying to conceive, while pregnant and after birth.

And it’s Good!

We received a sample of each flavour so we could taste them and give you Mamas an honest opinion about them. To be completely honest we were expecting them to be kind of blend and tasting like a carton box, cause let’s be honest usually healthy stuff tastes like that!!! But we were pleasantly surprised. You can actually taste the fruit and enjoy the crunchiness of the nuts. Combine to that the flavour of the chocolate and you have a winner!

We found them to be not sweet at all, which we would have preferred although we know it’s not healthy so don’t mind this point! We just had to mention it because we are sharing our honest opinion! Another “negative” side we found is that it’s a bit hard to bite. The consistency is not bad at all, it’s just the first bite that took us by surprise.

As we mentioned earlier what really impressed us was the flavourful combination of the fruit with the chocolate.

They come in three different flavours:

Apricot and Almond with Dark Chocolate

Cranberry with Dark Chocolate

Oat Berry with Dark Chocolate

And our favourite one was the Apricot and Almond

Desperate Mamas offers BetterBump Giveaway

So now that we shared all these details with you, we are so pleased to tell you all about the GIVEAWAY The WINNER of this Giveaway will receive with 9 of these delicious bars. Please be advice that this is for Canadian Residents ONLY

Here are the Details to participate (Please use the forms at the end of the post to participate, which will record your entries):

  1. The GIVEAWAY will run from March/21/2017 to Mar/28/2017
  2. You Must be living in Canada (Mandatory)
  3. Subscribe to Desperate Mamas (Mandatory)
  4. Increase your chances to WIN by following Desperate Mamas on Facebook and/or Twitter
  5. Increase your chances to WIN by following BetterBump on Facebook and/or Twitter
  6. Increase your chances to WIN by tweeting about the Giveaway daily
  7. The WINNER will be selected randomly and will be contacted by email 48 hours after the contest ends.

Best of Luck

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Designed with expecting and breastfeeding Mamas in mind these bars are the perfect healthy snack.

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  1. This does sound like a great option for working pregnant moms and especially breastfeeding moms. I remember when I had three little ones and I was nursing the baby, I didn’t always remember to eat because I was chasing babies.

  2. I love bars like this! Can you eat them even if you’re not pregnant or breastfeeding?? Lol. It’s just such a convenient option to grab and put in your purse for a snack or meal replacement. I am always hungry so things like this are great!

  3. These sound great. i am a bar fanatic. I love snacking throughout the day when I work and I usually grab bars like this. would love to give these a try!

  4. These sound really good, and I know that mommas who are watching their calories will be happy to see a bar that has chocolate for those nights when you need a little something.

  5. This sounds so yummy! I’m nursing my 5.5 month old and it’s so hard to find time to eat. These snack bars look like an easy way to get nutrition (and a yummy treat) on the go!

  6. Oh these look yummy, too bad I don’t live in Canada 🙁 I hope some lucky mamma that needs these wins the giveaway though. Looks like a healthy snack!!

    1. I wish we could have made it available to all, but it wasn’t our choice to make. Maybe with the next giveaway 🙂

  7. What a great snack for expecting moms! My youngest daughter is almost two years old and I remember how tough it was to have great snacks on the run.

    1. I feel the same way and my daughter is the same age. It was so hard for me to find something good and healthy

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