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Overwhelmed by blogging? Don’t worry we have The Perfect Solution for You

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and we will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. We recommend these products because they are helpful and are companies that we trust.


Dear Blogging Mamas,

Ever feel overwhelmed by blogging?

Well You’re not alone!!!

There have been so many times in our own blogging journey, however short that may seem to some,  when we’ve felt daunted by what we were learning and doing and struggled to overcome challenges like increasing our traffic and income while making sure that they matched our brand and values.

Overall, blogging has been one of those incredible “rollercoaster  ride” parts of our lives. We can hardly believe we get to do something we love so much, earn money from home, and be part of such a special community.

But it isn’t always easy, and the fast-changing nature of the blogosphere means we can’t ever stop learning how to be better bloggers.

As we mentioned on our previous post (The Ultimate Guide for the Blogging Mama) we’ve found our blog really thrives when we are growing in our skills, connecting with others who get the work we’re doing, and pushing ourselves to try new things and improve our weak areas.

We make a point of prioritizing our growth as bloggers, and one of the best ways we’ve found is by learning from other experienced bloggers who’ve mastered a particular aspect of blogging. (Also see Courses we took and suggest)

Thing is, it can get pretty pricey to buy all the new books or courses that cover the topics you’re looking for.

Which is why we are super excited about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. So what is this toolkit you might ask? It’s a digital package crammed full of brilliant tools to help you grow your blog, work smarter & make more money. (But for way less than you’d normally spend!)

The team at Ultimate Bundles (which we have mentioned to you before here and here) has put together the best resources on ALL the topics that matter to bloggers, like mastering social media, monetization, creating and selling products, time management and productivity, nurturing an email list, and so much more.

Here’s what you get:
24 eBooks
33 eCourses & audio files
5 printable packs

And as if  THAT was not enough this year’s Genius Blogger’s Toolkit comes with over $1350 worth of bonus offers including:

1. NinjaOutreach – 2 months free at the blogger level ($98 value)
2. ConvertKit – 2 months free trial ($58 value)
3. The Hungry JPEG – 2 Free exclusive fonts ($30 value)
4. Board Booster – 3000 Pins (value $30)
5. Businessese – Free Privacy Policy ($40 value)
6. Modern Social Magazine – 1 year digital membership ($70 value)
7. Mouseflow – 2500 credits (value $29)
8. MyThemeShop – any theme or plugin for $19 + all products come with one year of premium support and updates ($50 value)
9. Send Owl – 2 months free (value $78)
10. Viraltag – 2 months free ($48 value)
11. Beacon – 1 month unlimited plan free (value $29)
12. Bloguettes – 2500 credits (value $29)
13. Stencil – 2 months free at the professional level ($30 value)
14. Agathon – first month AGhosted Solo free, free site transfer, free site transfer back within the first month (no questions asked), free site speed assesment ($405 value)
15. Thinkific – 3 month free trial – Business package (value $237)

In total, the toolkit includes over $3,600 of blogging tips, strategies, tutorials and amazingly practical information and ideas. Plus you get free bonus offers worth $1250+, with 15 tools and services to help you run your blog.

But the truly amazing part? They’re selling it for a crazy 97% off of regular price! Yes you read that right!!! 97% off regular price

We know, it sounds too good to be true, but we promise it’s not. Ultimate Bundles has been around a long time and creating these packages is really their thing (they’ve sold over 180,000 of them on all sorts of topics), so you can trust this is the real deal. They know what they’re doing!

Even better, they’re all about making sure you LOVE this toolkit. There’s a full 30-day happiness guarantee, so there’s really no risk in trying it out.

The most important detail, though, is that this toolkit is available for just two days. After Tuesday night, April 4th, the sale ends and you’d have to buy all of these products individually. Which will total to a completely different price!

We’d hate for you to miss out, so click here to learn more or buy the bundle. Hurry cause you only have :


It’s even backed by a full money-back happiness guarantee, so you can make sure it’s right for you. Get what you need for your healthy lifestyle. Learn more or get your bundle here:

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and we will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. We recommend these products because they are helpful and are companies that we trust.

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  1. This is an awesome bundle! Really, for any new blogger or even more experienced bloggers as well. Everyone can learn from the information presented and use to to make their blog more successful.

  2. Blogging definitely requires a lot of tools to make it all happen to a high-quality level. This bundle looks like a serious deal, especially if you’re starting out.

  3. Newbie bloggers could get so much out of this resource. I wish this was around when I started. I missed some steps in the beginning.

  4. I’ve been blogging since 2004 and I get burnt out my blogging every now and then despite the fact that it is my job. Thankfully, these type of toolkits are available for bloggers!

  5. This sounds like an amazing deal, especially for new bloggers! So many diverse tools and a great price, too! I might have to check it out myself!

  6. There’s always so much to learn about blogging. While you don’t have to buy a toolkit to be successful, it can be nice to have all the information in one place.

  7. There’s plenty of things to learn about blogging, even if you’ve been doing it for years. The analytics change and more. I think this will benefit a lot of bloggers especially those who earn from it.

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