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Motherhood is tough

Dear Mamas,


We all know that motherhood can be extremely challenging some days, but we want to remind you that you are stronger that you may think,  and that tomorrow it will get better.

If you find yourself in a dark place or you just need to share some shameful thoughts we are here for you. We can share with you our shameful thoughts too, because let’s be honest no one is perfect and we all feel the need to tell the world to find someone else to pick on!!!

So who cares if your house looks like a hurricane hit it and you took a mid-day nap?

So who cares if you forgot to purchase your little one’s favourite snack when you went to the grocery store?

So who cares if….

The list could go on and on, but are you ever asking yourself:

So what happens if I’m not healthy? If I’m struggling with all this Motherhood stuff who’s going to take care of me?

Remember people can only help you if you let them. So let others help you. You’re not less of a mother if you ask for help…That’s a promise. I mean think about it… What’s the worst that can happen if you accept the help of others? Maybe you can get some rest!?! Is that so bad??? Or better yet if you’re now in a dark place and you start expressing your feelings to an expert, you will find your peace again. What’s so bad about this plan?

Don’t let depression nor a simple bad day make you feel less of a wonderful mother, because you are and always will be a great mama.

Reach out we are here for you

Hang in there
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  1. Thanks for this post!

    Yes, being a mom can be a challenge for sure! I just recently became a SAHM and can’t believe all the guilt, tiredness and stress I feel. But, recognizing and accepting it is the first step. I’m a-changing and making sure to value my time with my son.


    1. Thank you Cathy for sharing
      The first step is one of the hardest I find, so to my opinion you’re doing a fantastic job and already won half the battle
      I have to admit that guilt is a big part of my daily life too, and something I’ve been struggling with for a long time, even before I became a mom, but I also learned to be proud of myself because being a mom is not an easy task.
      The million things we have to figure out and the amount of focus we have to have to simply insure that our children are ok is sometimes exhausting, so at the end of the day I think about what I accomplished and a sense of pride comes out through the guilt.

      Thanks again for sharing

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