Childcare disaster management plan

10 Emergency Disaster Management Plan for Childcare Centers

A childcare or preschool center is designed to care for children usually from 6 months to 13 years. Professional childcare institutes provide early childhood education and socio-cultural education. But, their first concern should be safety and security of all children under their care.

It is most essential for a childcare institution to ensure that childcare providers have extensive training and genuinely certified in cardio pulmonary resuscitation or CPR and in first aid as well. They must undergo sufficient and continuous additional training and drills on various emergency disaster management and evacuation. A good childcare center will always confirm and be prepared to handle any emergency situation.

Qualities of Good Child Care Center


You should be concerned on the basic vital qualities that a care provider must comply with in order to render an admirable service. You can follow this checklist.

  • Physical environment: The physical environment should be bright, cheerful and appealing for children. There should be adequate and safe playing area.
  • Positive Interactions: Positive interactions between caregivers and children to understand their needs.
  • Daily Routines And Activities: Routines and positive activities are essential to keep children occupied and learn to predict what comes after what.
  • Staff Qualifications and Training: Every staff must have adequate training and licenses in Childcare in accordance with local rules and law.
  • Adult-Child Ratio: Adult to child ratio also must be in accordance with local norms.
  • Parental Involvement: Parents are  first teachers of their child. Parents should be made to feel welcome whenever they wish to get involved
  • Health: High-quality health care and personal hygiene must be ensured.
  • Safety: Safety of all children is most essential. There should be ongoing assessment and evaluations on all fronts of safety and security.

Possible Emergencies

There may be many types of emergencies involving one individual child or children of entire childcare center. There may be a medical emergency or break out of a fire. Child abuse, assault with arms, terrorist attacks, a natural disaster etc. are not uncommon. A good childcare center should always be prepared and alert with all resources for such emergencies.

Why To Plan An Emergency Disaster

Thinking such thing might not happen is detrimental. Especially, in an institutionlike a childcare center that kind of thinking is irrational. Remaining prepared to ensure safety and security to all children and staff is a must and a responsibility of any childcare center.

Emergency Disaster Management Plan

Every institution should have a well-planned and scientifically designed standard operating procedure or SOP for each group of possible emergency situation. You should ensure selecting a childcare center that have well-documented SOPs and every staff is aware of those procedures.

10 Steps of Emergency Disaster Management Plan

1: A Written Emergency Disaster Plan which is up-to-date for share easily with staff, administrators, families, volunteers, and community partners.

2: Each community and geographical location can identify their predictable emergencies, which is unique for that area and location. Availability of resources and materials should be ensured according to such predictable risks.

3: Roles and responsibilities of all individual staff should be well decided and communicate in advance and evaluated from time to time

4: Childcare Providers must know how to get services of Local Emergency and Disaster Management Services quickly and easily.

5: Having proper equipment, emergency supplies, and facilities must be ensured and reviewed to handle possible hazards and threats.

6: Planned relocation to safer place, quickly and unharmed must be assured.

7: Each parent must be communicated at the earliest. Safe reunification of children with their parent should be ensured immediately after the situation is under control.

8: They should ensure regular and proper emergency drills like fire drills, evacuation etc., for staff and children.

9: Plan for quick resumption of services should be done before hand.

10: Reviewing plans to find out faults and possible areas of improvement.

Every childcare center requires having checklist, worksheets, tools and templates for each of these planned procedures.

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