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Today I want to share with you a funny story related to my breastfeeding time.

Let me start by saying that our adventure had commenced with a rocky start in that department. My little bundle and I had a hard time figuring out how to perform a proper latch, which made it quite painful to breastfeed. Nonetheless we worked on it and soon became pros at it.

We were getting used to each other when she developed a habit that at first seemed cute and absolutely innocent, but that with time and acquired strength on her part, made the whole situation a bit uneasy.

So here’s the habit that she developed: She would shove her hand under my shirt in the search of the hidden nipple, and once she found it, she would actually pinch it… Ok I know you’re laughing but I can assure you that it’s no laughing matter when it happens to you. Especially if you forget to cut their tiny, unbelievably sharp nails!!!!


So with time, she obviously started gaining strength, mobility and agility. With these new powers at her disposal she was able more often than not  to reach the target before I was even able to react. You might think “So what! That’s actually pretty cute!”, and I would agree with you if it happened only at home!!!

Yes by now you may have figured out what happened next… I got exposed in public while she was screaming “BOOBIES”. It was so embarrassing and funny at the same time! I mean if it happened to another mom and I simply witnessed the incident I would have laughed until the day after, but because it happened to me my reaction to it was a bit different at the time.

Believe it or not my daughter, which is almost 26 months, still does it, although we have limited this habit to the night time routine, without the breastfeeding (which we stopped at 15 months) and no more pinching is involved (thankfully).

The reason for me to share this story with you was also to bring to the table a topic that is often consider a taboo by the modern day society, and something I constantly see on Facebook, but that makes my blood boil every single time I see it. That is the breastfeeding in public or more specifically the reaction some people have to it.

I’m immensely surprised that in this modern day and age there are still people that find themselves offended by  the sight of a breast when it comes to feeding a child (which is actually exposed for literally 2 seconds before the mouth of the child covers it, and the 2 seconds after he/she is done feeding!), yet they are never against the sight of a sexy exposed breast on a magazine or on TV. Even talking about it makes me so mad! Why do people feel the need to attack and/or ridicule a mother that is simply trying to provide for her child!


She’s not doing it to attract you’re undesired attention, she’s providing for her child!!! SHE’S INSURING THE SURVIVAL OF HER CHILD, wherever she happens to be, and if that means she has to do it when she’s at a restaurant, the mall, the parking lot, the bank or any other place, SHE WILL DO IT!!! END OF STORY… You don’t like it TURN AROUND and mind your own business.

I wasn’t always comfortable with breastfeeding in public, and I’m certainly not the type of person that likes the attention, but if I had to make the choice between making my child comfortable while eating and not being exposed I would make my child comfortable over and over again.

To this they might reply: Well you could cover yourself, or you could go in the bathroom, or in the car or heck knows what other place they have pictured in their mind, but before you say that to a mother stop for one second and think about it… Would you actually eat under a cover that makes you sweaty and uncomfortable? Would you eat in a stinky bathroom or whichever place you are obviously expecting a NEWBORN to do so? The answer is no, than don’t expect a mother to bring her INFANT child there!!!

It is not fair to her to have to constantly think about that too! Her day is already full of things she needs to take care of, and to have to deal with this stigma as well is simply not FAIR!!!

Leave the breastfeeding mothers alone! If it is uncomfortable for the child to feed in public, because of the noise or for other reasons, rest assured that Mommy will find a more suitable place to do it. Everybody’s concern should be on the safety and comfort of the child and mother and not on the fact that you can or cannot see her BREASTS. There are paintings all over the world depicting it as a natural thing to do, so why can’t we accept it for what it is: A Natural Thing to Do

breastfeeding virgin-mary-

This kind of behaviour towards breastfeeding mothers has to STOP because it is simply childish behaviour! And with this I think I made my point of view clear on the matter. It is not my intention to offend anyone with this, but to simply explain why, as a mother, I see this judgment unnecessary and counterproductive.

As always I ask you Mamas to please share if you agree and to leave a comment to let me know what you think as well.

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