How We Reached 6,500 Followers on Twitter and so Can You

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Hello Blogging Mamas,

Today I want to share with you how we reached over 6500 followers on Twitter and how you can do it too!!! I already mentioned it briefly on one of my posts, but I wanted to get into more details with you.

About a year ago I had the great pleasure to virtually meet Saira from MomResource.com and I got the chance to take one of her FREE Courses Influencers 101 Grow Your Following CHALLENGE

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, and I didn’t think I would get any results, but I thought to myself “Well what the heck it’s FREE so no harm if it doesn’t work”. Well I don’t even know where to start to tell you how happy and surprised I was to see results from day one!!!

It was mid September and we had started blogging for about 3 months. Twitter was one of the social media accounts where we were getting our best results (at 499 followers as of September 14 2016). Before taking the course we were ranging an increase in followers of about 5 followers per day, and we thought we were doing well, but not fast enough. Once we started implementing her suggestions and tips we bumped to having an increase in followers of about 50 per day. That’s a huge difference!!!

Our goal was to get to 2500 followers as that is the magic number for many companies to start considering you as an Influencer and pay you to talk about their products, so to be able to reach that goal at a faster speed was exhilarating . The best part is that her tips are so easy to follow and very detailed. I have to admit that out of all the courses I’ve taken so far, Saira’s is probably the most detailed one. She literally guides you through EVERY SINGLE STEP. She leaves very little to your imagination. The courses she offers are set up in such a way that it’s impossible for you to wonder what she meant. They’re all backed up with screenshots, videos and  more. If it does happen that you don’t understand a specific step all you need to do is email her, and she will clarify the step for you.

With that in mind and seeing the results from the FREE Course I couldn’t help it but wonder what she had in store with the FULL COURSE. I mean imagine what I could accomplish with all those extra Lessons, Handouts, Videos, Assignments, Sample Tweets and more. These are all included in 4 Units that will help you

  • GROW: Find & Attract Thousands of Ideal Followers
  • CREATE: Boost Your Profile & Share Content That Gets Noticed
  • MONETIZE: Get Paid To Provide Value
  • AUTOMATE: Maximize Your Results
  • BONUSES: Because a bit of EXTRA content doesn’t hurt!

It took us very little to decide to step up our game and go for the  Influencers 101 Course. BEST DECISION I’ve made in my blogging career. I’ve learned so much with it, and it has helped me change my perspective from an Inexperienced Blogger to an Influencer, which on its own it’s a game changer.

So if you’re looking to increase your followers and improve your engagement with them, the best thing you can do is to give it a try and see for yourself with these FREE Courses Saira offers:

Free CHALLENGE to show you exactly how to get 1,000 Twitter followers.

Challenge is a series of 5 emails with instructions & assignments that should take 10 minutes/day.

PLUS you get access to a Private Facebook Group for questions, advice & support.

1K Followers in 10 minutes/day

Free opt-in with a list of 10 companies that pay for tweets.

Influencers get paid to Tweet

Free CHALLENGE and my absolute favourite… Yes I’ve taken all three, after all they’re FREE so why shouldn’t I? And I learned so much so the more the merrier!

Influencers 101 Grow Your Following CHALLENGE


Oh and if you still wonder if it’s worth your time here’s some Testimonials from other INFLUENCERS

8 Video Testimonials featuring students who enrolled in 2016.


See you on the Influencer side

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