Hard to Shop With Kids? Here’s How I Deal With It

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Hello Mamas,

As promised in a previous post, I want you all to get to know me better and connect on a deeper level with you. So with this in mind I decided to share a habit that I started when my little one was born.

As you may have experienced on your own skin, giving birth is not a walk in the park! You’re actually kind of unable to walk for a while (especially if you were given stitches down there, or if you had cesarian). Well I was one of those unlucky ones that also got the stitches done wrong, so it took me forever to heal. It was so painful I couldn’t even sit or walk (read more about it here). Because of this issue I had to find a way to get necessities for my little bundle of joy, without having to leave the house or having to ask someone else to go purchase them for me (Since I don’t have close relatives that live close by)

That’s when I discovered (or better fell in love with) the power of online shopping. I mean, there I was stuck at home because it was way to painful to go out on a regular basis, and because I was learning how to take care of my first newborn child, and at the same time I could find comfort in knowing that if I needed some new onesies (because I didn’t buy enough of them) I could still purchase them and get them delivered to my house. This for me was all new territory, due to the fact that I never had the need for it before. So just like that it has become my primary way of purchasing things now.

There are a few reasons why it has become a habit of mine:

  • It’s convenient and always OPEN
  • most stores deliver for FREE
  • I get PAID to do it online with THIS (Read more about it here and here)
  • With most stores I can return it for FREE if it doesn’t work/fit
  • Oftentimes I get a better selection and size availability 
  • Discounts are usually applied automatically, or various PROMO CODES are displayed for you to pick

To me this sounded perfect while I was in that condition, and sounds perfect now that I’m not anymore. If there was something I hated was getting into a store while they were having a SALE!!! I mean it’s like going to Jurassic Park! There’s wild animals ready to attack you for a piece of clothing.

So instead of walking into a dangerous zone this is what I do:

  1. I sit on the couch while my little one sleep comfortably in her crib
  2. I open my EBATES app (Which pays me to shop CHA-CHING)
  3. From there I pick the store I want to shop at (Oldnavy is one of my favourite)
  4. Once I’m done I go to the checkout (Where there’s never a line up!!!)
  5. I get confirmation email from the store
  6. I get confirmation email from EBATES
  7. I sit back and enjoy the rest of my daughter’s nap

Best part?!? Did I mention I GET MONEY to do it this way!!! I mean to me this is a WIN WIN situation and something I enjoy too! Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I’m actually curious to know what your favourite way to shop is. What are the stores you shop at? How do you handle the shopping part while with your child? How do they handle the shopping? Well leave a comment and let me know

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