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Dear Mamas,

Do you ever feel like you are not doing well enough as a mother? Do you ever feel like no matter how much time you spend with your children you fail them in some ways? You could do better in preparing their meals, or teach them more songs, or do more outdoor activities or who knows what else you lack on? Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by all there is that comes with taking care of a child and every single time I feel that way I can’t help it but thinking about those mamas out there (yes I know I’m talking about you) that juggle way more than I do with just one well behaved child. They all look to me as if they can do so much more. Why is that? Am I the only one that feels that way? Why do other moms look as if they have everything under control every damn time!!!

Well truth is I struggle with it. I struggle with creating a perfect routine. And what is a perfect ROUTINE anyway? I see and read all those posts out there that teach you how to follow the perfect Daily Routine for  Toddlers and I take a look at what my routine looks like and I’m ashamed of not being able to accomplish all those moms say they do with their children. They are freaking monsters! How can you get to do all the house chores and look after the kids, and go outdoor and play, feed them, wash them, go grocery shopping by noon??? I mean to me it’s an accomplishment  if I get her dressed before noon!!! Forget everything else!

So if you’re like me and are tired of seeing all those perfect moms that have everything under control and a perfect schedule cut out for their beautiful and super well behaved, and super genius kids than you will appreciate a bit of honesty from a not so perfect, actually Desperate Mama!

So here’s my Daily Routine  and I hope it makes you feel better as a mom, because that’s the intent!

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Love you Mamas

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Daily Routine

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