Gardening with Kids in Winter: A Fun and Educational Activity

Winter isn’t the best time to be out of the house for hours on end. Everything is blanketed in snow, and freezing temperatures make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. Still, this does not mean that gardening is no longer an option. In fact, gardening with kids in winter is a fun and educational activity.

Growing Herbs

If it’s too cold outside, why not grow plants indoors? Winter gardening in January is not only possible but also very rewarding. Growing herbs such as parsley, chives, and basil is a simple yet fantastic way for kids to learn the value of gardening. We all know that their attention span can be short, so these herbs are perfect since they will grow fast. Ask your kids which herbs they’d like to have in their meals. This way, kids get a reward for taking proper care of the plants.

However, you should note the best conditions for planting herbs. If they don’t grow well, your kids could get disinterested in exploring gardening activities further. Herbs typically need at a minimum of four hours of sunlight every day. Thus, the plants should be placed near windows that face south, west, or east.

Planting Seeds and Root Crops Indoors

Apart from herbs, indoor gardening also works for growing oranges, lemons, and avocados. Just plant the seeds in a container and let them grow. Your kids can be the ones to put the soil and poke holes at the bottom of the containers to improve the drainage. Likewise, they can decorate them with paint or sequins to help spark their creative side. Eventually, these will grow enough to be transplanted outside when winter leaves and the early spring season arrives.

Similarly, root crops such as turnips and carrots can be grown indoors. First, you should remove the first inch at the top of the crop. It should then be planted in the soil, which should be regularly watered to stay moist. Apart from the top section, all other parts of the root crop should be below the soil surface. In less than two weeks, you and your kids will see small leaves developing.

With all these different crops, you can teach your kids about plants by experience. Ask them to grow the crops in various locations in the house and observe which ones will have optimal growth. Give them a notepad and a measuring tape or ruler to track the increase in size.

After several weeks, let them say what they think caused the differences in growth. In a way, indoor gardening becomes a strategy for improving the critical thinking skills of kids. Consequently, let them harvest the crops once they have matured. You can also seek their assistance in preparing delicious and healthy meals using the herbs and crops.

Creating and Decorating Birdhouses

Apart from growing plants, you can also make birdhouses with your kids. For this activity, they could serve as temporary scouts with a mission to help birds find a home during winter. You will be doing the main construction since it involves the use of wood and nails. When you’re done, however, it’s up to your kids to decorate the birdhouse. They can paint it with whatever color they want. Additionally, they could put stickers, sequins, and whatever they have bought from craft stores.

Here is a video of decorating a birdhouse:
Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there as you and your kids will go around the garden or even in other people’s yards to look for fallen pinecones. Make it a little competition where the one who gets the most pinecones or the largest one wins.

Also, you need to some strings with peanut butter and bird seeds. You will use the string to hang the pinecones while your kids will cover them with peanut butter and bird seeds. After this, your kids can wait in anticipation as birds begin to flock to your garden to feed and rest. As a bonus, your kids will appreciate nature more and could become more curious about the animal kingdom.

In conclusion, there are many ways to enjoy gardening with your kids even during the winter season. Apart from having plants to harvest and eat, kids can improve their reasoning abilities while also developing their artistic skills. We hope that our short guide helped you have fun even in cold weather conditions. If you have any queries, feel free to send us a comment.

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