Mama, Prepare for Self-Care: You Will Thank Yourself Today and Years from Now.

If you aren’t planning regularly a time for self-care, I guarantee, it’s not happening. In turn, your life is on a steady path to mom-burnout. I believe time to nourish yourself is essential for new moms of little ones, but I have a hunch that you are letting yours fall to the wayside. I think I know one reason why. 

Have you ever made a self-care goal? Can you imagine if you started scheduling it with as much dedication as you schedule child wellness visits or grocery shopping? Self-care is just as important, but unlike pumping milk for your baby for the next workday, much easier to neglect.

As you know, we live in a busy world, with every more expectations for what you and I need to do as moms. With an ever-growing to-do list, its easy to not even put self-care on our list because the list is already too full. 

I want us to buck the trend of trying to do ever more, every day and instead take time to plan something we can do to nurture the nurturer, yourself.

What I would like to propose is that you start planning ahead for your self-care, before you even are aware that it’s a need that you have to address. 

How You Know You’ve Let Self-Care Slide for Too Long

If you’ve ever spent too many days getting annoyed with your toddler’s typical behavior, its probably time to schedule in more self-care. I totally acknowledge that a lot of toddler behavior can be annoying and unreasonable. But how are we supposed to stay calm in a hostage situation when we are already stressed out. If attending to the irrational demands of a toddler doesn’t remind you ever of a hostage situation, please, send me the name of your nanny.

The last few months I’ve actually had my motherhood-induced boiling point happen fewer times. I completely chalk it up to spending more time hanging out with friends in the evenings. For me, time with friends is some of my best self-care, because I get to just be myself, without expectations or pressure. Also, unlike spa-days, time with friends typically doesn’t cost a thing and that is something that I can get on board with anyday. 

I have recently started reconnecting with some friends I had gotten out of the habit of seeing. When we were all full-time stay-at-home moms, we saw each other weekly, but now that I’m the only full-time mom in the group, we had all fallen seeing each other maybe once a month, often less. This winter though, we’ve gotten back in the habit of hanging out 2 times a month, sometimes with kids, sometimes without. And for me, this makes all the difference in my days with my daughter and my overall happiness.

I have a weekly reminder on my phone to schedule plans with the ladies I love who I don’t tend to see every week. Every Sunday evening when my reminder goes off, I look at my calendar and determine when I can get together with some of these people. I have my reminder set for Sunday, because that day is our least busy day when I know I will have some time to sit down and make a plan.

Could you put a reminder on your phone or on the calendar to do something that feeds your soul and nourishes you? If you automate this reminder, then even if one week becomes a messy, overwhelming nightmare of sickness, vomit, and tears, your phone will still ding the next week to remind you to put some time for you on the calendar. I’d love if we could make the technology actually improve our lives instead of sucking away precious hours (I’m looking at you, Pinterest). 

What can you put on the recurring calendar for self-care? I’m curious. Drop me a line at my website and let me know how you like to care for yourself and how you are going to start scheduling yourself some regular me-time?


Rachel Strivelli empowers empaths, introverts, and anxiety-sufferers to live their best life by getting grounded and aligned. She coaches business owners and goal-oriented folks to develop their intuition in order cut through all the information and overwhelm in the world today. She’s the mom of a spunky 4 year old girl and soon to be baby boy. With a background in science and lifelong pursuit of spirituality, she blends the best of the rational and the magical in one inspiring place. For better wellbeing, sign up for her newsletter at her website, Soul Pioneer! You can also follow her on her Facebook page

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